Embrace Your Senses

There cannot be a new emergence of change until a new perspective is born. It starts with one toss of a pebble in the waters of life we drift together in...the ripples are subtle, but can go far. To understand why history repeats itself, you have to know the details and truth. To understand the "evil" that we have eternally fought, you have to realize there is a story behind the "demon". He or she did not instantly become or desire to do what they did. Declaring war on anything is staying at the same level as the problem and we know that does not work. Life is not about war. It is to be consciously lived by each individual blessed to be given it.

With that said, here are my thoughts on how I live my life. It has worked pretty well so far...like yoga, I need to continue my pursuit of new horizons. There are ups and downs; but, staying balanced somewhere in the middle gives time for reflection and intention.

Face, embrace and terminate fear. Nothing is permanent...so don't let fear be your roommate in the mind. We all have had trying times. You can rise above it stronger or let yourself sink in an abyss of negative emotions. The brain finds it easier to let what has ignited your amygdala (fear detector) to work and retain the initial impression engraved in the brain from it. But, just like your body can be re-contoured with exercise, diet and effort...so can the brain. The brain likes entrainment...meaning, if you repeat something over and over, it will dig a deep groove in the memory bank. Be careful about what you choose to dwell on.

Nourish who and what you love. We all love different people and things for different reasons. Save the stereotypical illusions for the B movies. Live and love...for real...peaks and valleys. If it truly does not resonate with your heart, take another road.

Take what you hear as news with a grain of salt. Really. If you respect your intelligence and intuition, you must know that "the truth, and nothing but the truth" is NOT relayed on television, the paper, or the internet. (and yes, the courts of law are guilty of distortion and withholding of truth.) Do your homework. To assume what you hear is true, is and has been detrimental. The brain would love the easy way out by not thinking beyond initial impressions. It is easier for it to be swept up by the emotions of conveyed thoughts. The news is used to influence emotions of fear and anger...with the intention to manifest a source of revenue for the group of the time portraying the desire to help. Study history and you will understand more.

Follow your heart. It is that simple. The key is you have to take the time to be silent to move aside the ego, past assumptions, and ingrained impressions. It takes effort. No effort...no results. Take time to think without interruptions. Experience the sensation of the brain working on the left side vs. the right side. Practice merging the two sides together. Nothing like creative working with the analytical side as one.

There is magic in the unknown. To know all eliminates flexibility to change your original agenda. It truly is the journey, not the end result in living life to the fullest. Expose yourself to new experiences. Be open to listen to others...young and old. Spare yourself of deadlines. Think about the word "deadline". Once you cross the line, are you ready to be dead?

Let creative sources that speak to you inspire you. We all are a Source of Inspiration. Whatever it is, we all have a connection to an expression of creativity. When you immerse yourself in what resonates with your heart of creativity, a lot can happen. Personally, I think music touches most hearts in some mysterious way.
As I write, I listen to music. It is hypnotic, grounding, and moving...and I write what I feel to be true.

Go Platinum. The Golden Rule needs an upgrade. In this case, it is not about the money. Instead of "doing unto others as you would have them do unto you"; how about doing goodness for another without expectation of return? Raise the bar. It is not about the money. It is about the energy of love.

Get back to your senses. Whatever senses you are blessed to have...sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste...truly practice experiencing them at another level. We are all layers of experiences intertwined by feelings that evolved from them. The only prison is the one we choose to reside in is by failing to learn, forgive, or move forward. Learn from Nature's subtle twists:

You cannot touch the wind, but you can feel it embrace you.

You cannot hold on to the rapture of an engaging aroma, but you can let the scent of it drift in and out...inhale by exhale.

You can visually absorb the beauty of a sunset that spreads across the sky, but you cannot grasp it in your hands.

You can feel the music and words of a song that touches your heart simply by allowing it to enter your ears. The energy of it resonates without effort and ignites your heart's sense of calling.

So interconnected and detached at the same time are our senses. Ironically, we do not have the physical capacity to sense what some animals can. Maybe we're just not ready for more. How gloriously mysterious! No need to figure explanations...just let your senses guide you. The senses all lead to another level of awareness if you broaden your horizons and detach from the desire for more.

It is time to answer some old questions with new answers. If greed is the root of evil, what is the root of greed? I say, the Ego.

The Ego is a deep, deep root that needs to be pruned back to give the heart space to grow. Conscious teamwork balanced with these two entities, true change of how we think, act, live and love on Earth is not likely, but guaranteed. History has shown again and again, one person really does make a difference. Why do you think quotes far back in time are still repeated today? We intuitively know truth...and truth does not die...it may be dressed in the current image of the time; but, the heart of it stays the same.

"Our life is what our thoughts make it." ~Marcus Aurelius

"Our imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. Without it, we go nowhere." ~Carl Sagan

“Touch comes before sight, before speech. It is the first language and the last, and it always tells the truth.” ~Margaret Atwood


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