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Rock, Paper, Scissors and Yoga


Remember playing rock, paper, scissors? Sometimes we did it just for fun. At home, it was done to see who had to do a dreaded chore. I confess, my husband and I still do it to see who gets to unload the dishwasher. We bite our nails trying to get into each other's mind, strategically calculating how to counter the other's anticipated move.The worst that can happen is one of us has to do what we had to do anyway. Better case, one gets a "hall pass" and gets to enjoy a brief moment of victory. Either way, it is fun to practice your intuition.

The simple beauty of this game is the strength one part has over one while having to surrender another. Not one of the three is a more dominant force. It boils down to the moment of choice. In yoga, we practice the balance of mind, body and spirit. Spirit trumps the mind and body; but for analogy's sake, let's say it is equal.

It can be hard to make yourself practice. Work, responsibilities, and even the weather can …

Words from a Yogi's Mind

Nothing is black or white...maturity is being able to appreciate and expand in the gray area.  We are each other's teachers. Your words and actions can either inspire or expire another's dream. Ultimately, it is their choice...but, energetic influence from another can be the push if one is sitting on the fence of doubt or fear of the unknown. Be someone's strength for you will need another's one day.
                                     Sometimes you have to look back to open the heart more.
Practice gripping to surrender. Have the revelation of the dichotomy of this intention. You will discover the power of being held together comes from within. Face fears and doubts with less resistance. Learn to balance of edges that reveal new horizons to experience. Keep the change within you growing and give away the goodness that manifests to make space for more to come. Invest well in your karmic bank account. The interest will continue to give back more than you i…

Breathing Life into Yoga

Irregardless if you have practiced yoga for a long time or you are new to it, the fuel that gives you the energy is your breathing. The average person unconsciously takes around 21,600 breaths a day. Calculate a year's worth and you have taken 7,884,000 breaths! Your breathing is what sustains life in every cell of your body and mind. Your breathing can be a reflection of inner emotions or used as a means to manage them.

       Let the breath help you explore and experience new places....
By practicing different breathing methods, you discover the power of the inhale and exhale. To focus on a four count inhale and four count exhale, you cut the average minute intake of 12-18 breaths in half. By letting yourself be engulfed with awareness of breathing, time perception changes.

Think about it. Using a four count breath in an hour practice, you breathe around 480 times. Making that change in breathing alters more than your oxygen intake. Notice how time flies during a great practic…