Rock, Paper, Scissors and Yoga

Drop the knife, rock, you don't want to do this...
Never lose your sense of humor!

Remember playing rock, paper, scissors? Sometimes we did it just for fun. At home, it was done to see who had to do a dreaded chore. I confess, my husband and I still do it to see who gets to unload the dishwasher. We bite our nails trying to get into each other's mind, strategically calculating how to counter the other's anticipated move.The worst that can happen is one of us has to do what we had to do anyway. Better case, one gets a "hall pass" and gets to enjoy a brief moment of victory. Either way, it is fun to practice your intuition.

The simple beauty of this game is the strength one part has over one while having to surrender another. Not one of the three is a more dominant force. It boils down to the moment of choice. In yoga, we practice the balance of mind, body and spirit. Spirit trumps the mind and body; but for analogy's sake, let's say it is equal.

It can be hard to make yourself practice. Work, responsibilities, and even the weather can weaken the drive to do it. You know it's good. You feel great during and after the practice. I can't recall a time I ever regretted doing a practice. Like most things, it is just a matter of getting started. May I suggest you play a form of  rock, paper, scissors (R.P.S.) with yourself when you're lacking motivation. Learn to use mind, body or spirit and see who gets you to the mat.

Somedays, your body lacks the physical desire to move. You're feeling lazy or tired. The mind has to flex it's muscles to persuade you to go. After the practice, the body and mind feel like they have both won. Then, there are those days when your brain feels like it has been beaten down with an onslaught of thinking. But, the body needs its yoga fix and overrides the mind's nay-saying and makes its way to the mat. Both mind and body bask in Shavasana wondering why there was resistance in the first place.

The body and mind work together to keep themselves in check.

Then, you have those days when both body and mind have no intention of doing yoga. Granted, you do not have to practice every day; however, if you let the gaps between practice get too long, the magic can dwindle. The Spirit has to step in to get both entities motivated. If you're not playing with all three entities, you have no chance of "winning". The only "losing" of anything is not even trying. It is effort that opens doors we never may have seen.

You use your intuition when determining what source your R.P.S. opponent will pound on the fist. Sometimes, you're right, sometimes not...but, at least you're playing. Not honing and nourishing all three core parts of your Self is choosing not to play the game of life. There is no win or lose. Like yoga, life is a practice. Make it fun. Confront the challenges. Go for a win.There is nothing wrong with pursuing a victory in something you're passionate about. Recognize the opponent within yourself and choose the hand that can override it. Unlike traditional R.P.S., there's no're the only player.

 In yoga, it can be as simple as doing a great plank. You feel strong, balance is equally distributed, and you're not evening straining. You are the plank. It feels great because the mind, body and spirit are working as one. Those delicious moments make you appreciate the delicate interchange of roles they play during your practice. It is a great game to play...because no matter what force dominates for the moment, you still win.

Mind, body, spirit...who's got the winning sign? They all do...because each has a vested interest in YOU!
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