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Learn a little about anatomy

Check out this article to learn a little anatomy. The Body Exhibit is amazing and you will have a new respect for the body you inhabit after going.

Your brain on yoga...

As you may already know, yoga has fabulous benefits for your physical body. It also has incredible benefits for the brain. Read this article to learn just a few pearls of benefits:

Anatomy 101 series

The practice of yoga benefits you physically, mentally, and spiritually. As you practice, the benefits emerge little by little. Just like the eating of an artichoke, you enjoy each leaf as you get the little morsel of food it provides; however, it is the heart of the vegetable that is the part you truly enjoy the most. Just as in yoga, your physical (or, exterior) part of Self enjoys the benefits of yoga practice; however, the more you practice, you eventually get to the heart of your inner Self.
In an effort to increase the awareness of yoga's benefits from the outer level, I have started a new article series on As people become more aware of the benefits from the physical standpoint, the deeper benefits will emerge as they practice. We all start at the beginning and the first way to begin is to eliminate fear or misconceptions.

Ebb and Flow

If you are experiencing a challenging time in your life, always remind yourself..."this too shall pass". The journey in life can be compared to the ebb and flow of the ocean waters. The waters rise and fall without end. Sometimes it is flowing smoothly and sometimes the waters can get rough. The key thing to remember is that it always stays together as it flows through both the smooth and rough cycles. Just remember that when life's waters rise, use it as an opportunity to get the board and ride the wave. Before you know it, you will glide back to shore.