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Be The Exception

Following rules is not what makes is the exceptions that define you.

Exceptions expose a part that aches to be break free of restrictions...breathe with ease. Rules maintain a sense of order...balance integrity to a degree. Keeps the proverbial house in order. Exceptions present themselves to balance and expand life's bridges of connections.

Above your shoulders, resides a 3 pound brain meshed with millions of synaptic connections built by conscious and subconscious actions. Two totally different hemispheres in play. Left hemisphere...analytical, logical, linear dominant. Right hemisphere...intuitive dream weaver of awareness. Both unite via bridge of the corpus callosum. A neurological yin and yang of work enabling communication between these two neighbors.

And, you have an intraconnected extension network in your digestive tract. The 'butterflies' you feel in your belly are neurons fluttering to tell you something while the two neighbors upstairs…