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Devour the Details of Yoga

Yoga truly has an unlimited scope of experiences awaiting to be discovered. It is normal to initially focus on the general concept of how to do the basic moves. Then, you have to remember to breathe; however, each practice helps the flow of breathing and moving in an integrated manner become easier. It takes practice to learn; however, just like most things, it will start to click and it become less intimidating.

It is easy to forget the finer details of the experience when you are dwelling on the overall sequence of poses. This mindset tends to coincide with the general approach in living this day in age. Get the job done, e-mails answered, body fed, chill out when a spare moment appears and start all over again. Sound familiar? Don't worry, most of us are in the same boat. It is part of life; but it can be changed. Sometimes we get so busy getting the "to-do" list done, we overlook the details.

Details really do matter.

Let's dwell on one pose most commonly known …

The ABC's of Yoga

Sometimes it is good to take a refresher course on what you do. It is easy to get in a monotonous routine of habitual moves or thoughts. This truth applies to more than just your yoga practice. Being a teacher of yoga, I introduce new ways to pursue a move or get to a new edge. After having the same students for over three years, I assumed they understood the most fundamental part of yoga...breathing. A brand new student to yoga ignited me to ask the class: "Does everyone know how to practice ujjayi (ocean) breath?"

To my surprise (and disappointment in myself), most of the class admitted they did not. It was a humbling reminder that it is imperative to re-visit the foundation of what you build yourself on...whatever it is. One can add various structures on this base; however, it is wise to check on the foundation to make sure you're on solid ground. This realization about the folks I have been teaching was a divine reminder that they did not necessarily make it to the…

Gratitude of Experience

Gratitude is a magical energy that circulates through the body and mind when made a point of focus. Being a "baby boomer", I feel grateful for experiencing life before technology took off like it has in the past twenty years. For those of you in the same age bracket, you will appreciate what I am saying. For those who are younger, I hope that you truly understand the power of trust, time, and tenacity.

Just to stroll down memory lane, I feel compelled to share some of the things I took for granted; however, but now truly appreciate the value. Some people may think it is better to get things done faster; however, the truth is, time seems to do what it needs to keep up with the new pace. Time is priceless and you cannot get it back. The same is for your life. Why rush it? When you take your time in whatever you are doing, you will glean more than you know.

Here's some things I remember and understand the value of these standards.
~Cable television did not exist. All four chan…