Devour the Details of Yoga

Yoga truly has an unlimited scope of experiences awaiting to be discovered. It is normal to initially focus on the general concept of how to do the basic moves. Then, you have to remember to breathe; however, each practice helps the flow of breathing and moving in an integrated manner become easier. It takes practice to learn; however, just like most things, it will start to click and it become less intimidating.

It is easy to forget the finer details of the experience when you are dwelling on the overall sequence of poses. This mindset tends to coincide with the general approach in living this day in age. Get the job done, e-mails answered, body fed, chill out when a spare moment appears and start all over again. Sound familiar? Don't worry, most of us are in the same boat. It is part of life; but it can be changed. Sometimes we get so busy getting the "to-do" list done, we overlook the details.

Details really do matter.

Let's dwell on one pose most commonly known and practiced. The pose is Downward Dog. This is a great pose to feel in between other poses; however, it is a beautiful pose to feel in full detail.

Feel your fingertips, palms and wrists engaged. Notice the sensations of each fingertip one at a time. Feel the muscles wrapped around your forearm and the elbow. Feel the subtle flow of warm blood seep into your head the longer you stay in the pose. The back is strong and the tailbone is getting an arch that opens space around the sacrum. The skin, the muscles, the ligaments, the joints and the bones are all individually and unitedly being engaged. You're breathing deeply into the lungs and feel the skin expand and soften with the beautiful exchange of inhales and exhales.

Take the time to close your eyes and feel your body in micro-units. Use your imagination  to shift your sense of where to feel the details. The more you focus on the details, the more you realize there is to feel, see, and experience. Details are what separate the good from the great in most everything.

Yoga is no exception. If anything, details rule in yoga....if you make the time and effort to notice.

As you transition from Downward Dog to your next move, feel the shift in balance, internal heat, weight distribution and heart beat. Whatever detail you notice, dwell on it for a few moments. As you let yourself really feel it, you just might find that you start to feel more somewhere else. Imagine breathing through your pores. Feel the tingling sensation of the skin as it lengthens, builds heat or disperses beads of sweat. The back is one long extension of the brain stem from the neck down to the lower lumbar portion of the spine. Loaded with nerve endings that communicate throughout the entire body, the sensations you can feel when you pay attention to them are endless.

Enjoy and cherish your details and unexpected revelations~

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