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Resolutions Re-Constructed

Wow. Another year in the history book. Time for the traditional annual resolution to change something. Being creatures of habit, we resolve to do better at something and the cycle continues. Time to de-construct our approach to time.

Resolution's results are the same year after year. You can tell by the attendance at the gym in January. We start with good intentions but relentless habits keep pulling us back. Routine/habit embed their feet as we remain oblivious to it until the consequences are seen or felt. Then, we resolve to change. It is an energetic tug of war.

I say, forget resolutions. Start re-construction. We tear down old houses to build new, improved ones. Individually and collectively, we are in desperate need of re-construction.

Will-power. Desire. Focus. Flexibility to change. These are the hands on your side of the mental rope. The opposition is one hand on the proverbial rope with its other hand holding a sign..."take the path of least resistance." Th…