Resolutions Re-Constructed

Wow. Another year in the history book. Time for the traditional annual resolution to change something. Being creatures of habit, we resolve to do better at something and the cycle continues. Time to de-construct our approach to time.

Resolution's results are the same year after year. You can tell by the attendance at the gym in January. We start with good intentions but relentless habits keep pulling us back. Routine/habit embed their feet as we remain oblivious to it until the consequences are seen or felt. Then, we resolve to change. It is an energetic tug of war.

I say, forget resolutions. Start re-construction. We tear down old houses to build new, improved ones. Individually and collectively, we are in desperate need of re-construction.

Will-power. Desire. Focus. Flexibility to change. These are the hands on your side of the mental rope. The opposition is one hand on the proverbial rope with its other hand holding a sign..."take the path of least resistance." That is why resolutions don't work. We are creatures of habit. Habits pave an easier path to walk.

A life of accomplished pursuits is a well trained muscle in the mind. Or, rather a restructured chain of synaptic connections wired to follow orders. Blueprint needs to be drawn to re-design. Meditation cleans the slate. Doesn't have to be long. Every minute of inner stillness gets efforts moving outward.

Do guided meditations, sit still to music, stand on the ground and feel the force of life...whatever gets the electric exchange of frequency linking your neurons to awaken. Meditate on having the will-power to achieve desires. And, walk the walk. Distractions and opportunities to break or strengthen the chain (optimist vs. pessimist attitude) will present themselves. Time to practice brain architecture.

Pencil to blueprint time: breathe. Use breathing to build a bridge over your path of least resistance. Finding yourself reaching for food or beverages you know isn't in moderation?

Stop, hold your hands, close your eyes, and breathe. Take 5 or more conscious breaths. Feel the flow of prana (life force) building your mental bridge and turn away from the tug of habit. You're under re-construction. A solid foundation takes serious focus to build. Repetition of new approach to obliterate old habits will take hold. Will-power is personally developed; not given to a select few.

You've got to really desire what you pursue. If you are indifferent to it or doing at the beckoning of others, forget about it. This life is yours to live. No one else's. Sure, you've got others in your physical and emotional equation; however, your authentic vibes is what got them in the circle to begin with.

Life of no regrets. If you didn't attempt one your biggest dreams...would you regret it? If the instinctive answer is yes, then do the work. You're the creator of it, the judge of it and the initial benefactor. The gratification and joy you reap from hard work will emanate to others. Work has a negative connotation due to the necessity of money to pay bills. Dreams are not about money. They are about life realities you desire to experience. Conviction of worthiness and relentless effort puts the money in your hands.

Use time to invest in yourself. We share the same 24 hours a day to live. We all have responsibilities. We all have bills. We all have the endless list of stuff to do. We kevetch about not having enough time to do it all. How you waste time is how you find time.

Seems a hashtag is needed to symbolize worthiness. So, hashtag yourself. Be the hashtag you dream to be.

We make life so complex with technology and expedited time frames. Make a list of goals or dreams. Take a close look and determine what deserves to be in the top three. Take a look at the top three and determine numero uno. Start there.

Listing is not living.

What makes you love living this life matters. The rest is menusha.

Re-structure to live with intention. Dream to your heart's content. Do the work to create a reality. It is an inside job. You intuitively know what you need. Your mind needs YOU. Greatness is not an awesome one night stand. It can take a lifetime. The Einstein's, Mozart's or Shakespeare's of history did not blast and fade like shooting stars.

They kept on dreaming...growing...craving to discover more...and we vicariously benefited. It started within and was nourished with will-power, love of the quest, and energy of dreaming beyond all boundaries. They put their mind to it. So can you.

Welcome 2016. Clean the mental house by de-cluttering outdated furniture. Open space for fresh, nourishing, energizing and more colorful elements. This is active living. Seek the unknown. Time bends for you when you don't bend back to self-diminishing neural pathways. All you have to do to start is breathe...and get moving.

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