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Manners, Setting the Rules and Yoga my chagrin, I feel compelled to write about what should be an instilled practice of life; but, apparently, it is fading. I am talking about basic manners...not thinking it is all about you...and that there are other people who your actions affect. To keep this subject from turning into a book, we'll just focus on basic yoga manners. There aren't a lot of "rules"; but, the few that shouldn't have to be verbally expressed will be broken if not addressed.

 The age bracket of yogis is all over the board and one would assume that only the younger generation is guilty of being "un-yogi" like while on the mat. But, that is not the case. Let me just say this...the group of awesome yogis I have taught for three years (around 30 solid regulars) have not ignited me to write this article. Subbing for other people's classes have. Kind of solidified my belief in like minded unite together.

Anyway, here are some BASICS of good manners while practicing w…

Smiles, Humor and Yoga

Yoga class can be a time to work the body so you can relax the mind. We set intentions for our practice. We move to the teacher's words of direction and try to remember to breathe. Some teachers call the poses by their Sanskrit names, some use the translation name, and some do a blend of both. Some use music, some don't. Some are avidly devoted to the style they learned and some like a fusion of styles. Bottom line is this: as long as the students are benefiting from what or how you teach, the rest is technicalities.

But...there is one thing we should not forget. Never lose your sense of humor....especially in yoga. After all, the ultimate intention of yoga is to unite the mind, body and spirit. You have to be relaxed to enable  things to blend together. There is something energetically relaxing and recharging when you can smile and maybe laugh during a practice. I know...because I decided to give my class an extra good dose of fun in our most recent practice.

Intention set: Sm…

Location, Getting Personal, and Yoga

A group yoga practice is not only a physical work out. It is a dynamic weaving of unseen, but strongly felt energies within the four walls. It is interesting to observe and listen to yogis as they enter the room before practice. It is relentlessly stated to check the ego at the door during your practice; however, no one said anything about before the practice.

Most of us are creatures of habit. In yoga, we manifest greater strength, balance and flexibility with habitual practice. These changes are relatively slow at first. Once a solid foundation and understanding of yoga is in place, then courage to take it to the next personal level emerges. The location within the room reveals another facet. Being blessed to have a solid group of regulars mixed with a few new yogis each class, I have noticed a pattern of placement. Location and who is next to you can and does make a difference in a practice. Just like a yoga practice, it reflects personal preferences.

The regulars who have their pre…