Val's Yoga Journey

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." Our teachers come in many forms. We all get pushed to our edge to get stronger, re-balanced, grounded, and inspired to morph latent potentials. This, I know.

Born on the edge in Key West; pushed to the edge of life with epilepsy; pulled back after brain surgery; onslaught of panic attacks, depression and hopelessness after eliminating the consumption of medicine; awakened and found the path I never traveled via meditation and yoga. The divine detour guided me to become a teacher of yoga and wellness. Concept of edges re-defined.

Personal practice started in 2005. Teaching since 2008. Certified in yoga for MS, Yin yoga, Therapeutic yoga and Thai yoga. I teach private clients and groups how to use their practice of yoga to enhance their practice of life. I alchemize my knowledge to stir the student's elements. I lead the student with attention, intuition, and a maverick approach. Yoga is therapeutic. It is grounding. It illuminates what the eyes can't see.

My philosophy: Do what you love and share it to help others. My life degree in progress, Yoga PhD (Practicing Healthy Dharma) brings out the healer in me. The path I walk is laced with a trail of smiling flowers opening to their inner Light. It's all a practice, life, from beginning to the next beginning...."no borders...only new horizons."

Maximize your greatness. Leave limits to Twitter characters. Yogalistic living peels layers of yourself too beautiful not to be seen.

I might be the teacher your student within was waiting to find.

Valerie Goodman - Yoga Teacher in Brentwood



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