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The Heart of Fitness

Practicing, teaching and learning yoga pushes the line in the sands of dynamics further. It is a matrix of connections. The body's composition is a 99% blend of six elements: Water, Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Calcium and Phosphorous. The other 1% is a blend of minerals, metals, and other elements on the periodic table. The human body is an alchemy of densely compressed energy. Energy changing to adapt to its vessel's actions.

A committed practice necessitates studying, research...delving beyond superficial. Committed, as in, you want to progress beyond ego restricted boundaries. Ride the mind's wander of wonder in the learning process. Bottom line, exercise studying how the body works so you can practice the heart of fitness. Save the "how to maximize" this and "how to reduce that" thinking until you know the foundation of what you're doing. Let's start with the first organ to develop in utero and the last to stop.

The heart. One pound muscl…