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Bones, Gravity, and Yoga

"Sticks and stones may break my bones..." But, as a yogi, I doubt it.

206 bones. The foundation for your muscles, organs, nervous system, and everything under the skin. Each bone plays a part in the body theater.

26 per foot and 27 per hand. 33 vertebrae in the spine. Sternum with 12 pairs of ribs. 2 femurs (thigh bones). 2 tibias, 2 fibulas (bones below knee). 2 radius and 2 ulnas (forearm bones)2 humerus (upper arm). 26 bones in the head (skull and face) 2 scapula (shoulder blades) 2 clavicle (collar bone)and hip bones comprised of 3 bones, the pelvis.

You actually have a few more; but, they're much smaller...but, no less important. The ear has 3 small bones that make it possible for you to savor the touching vibes of sweet music. The "hammer", "anvil" and "stirrup" ear bones detect 40,000 different sounds. Wow. Magnifies the notes you hear to a new level of appreciation.

Take a yoga practice focus to the bone. Practice momentary de…

Spine Tapped by Yoga

The backbone of anything is the core source of strength, vitality and fundamental practice of doing what's right. The "backbone" exists in many forms...ranging from physical, psychological to philosophical. How one nourishes it determines the results. Yoga is no different.

To keep it simple, let's focus on the physical facets first. Your spine is composed of 33 vertebrae. It starts at the neck with 7 cervical, going down to 12 thoracic, down to 5 lumbar and 9 fused vertebrae in the sacrum and coccyx region. The top 24 are the mobile ones. Between the vertebrae are discs, which act as cushions between the bones. They contain gel fluid for mobility and space. Gravity and time can compress the gel out of the discs...causing impingement on spinal nerves where the space has been removed.

We have 31 pairs of spinal nerves branching out of the spine. They are the messengers. Touch something hot, the nervous fiber (Ruffini's corpuscles) deep in the dermis, transmits …

Yoga Love Letter

Dear Yoga~

The written word engraves images the spoken word can only lightly sketch. Thus, I feel compelled to write you a love letter. I'll do my best...just like you've taught me. You made it possible for me to dig deeper and find priceless treasures. Intangible, invisible treasures...expanded with no boundaries. Your moves keep me going full circle. The completion of each circle concludes with a revelation. Yoga, you give me Cosmic rolls forward.

Yoga, I thank you for strength to climb higher...see more. You don't force me. You allow me to move at my pace. When ready, you give me courage to see new perspectives. No judgment. No rules. No fears. A relationship with no hidden agenda. I love how you express yourself so quietly. You've taught me to listen to whispers in my heart. A priceless bond we share.

A relationship eradicating time as a guide. Your lack of deadlines is my lifeline.

Yoga, you have brought special people in my wo…