Thai Yoga...Shift of Energies

Thai yoga provides the receiver the best of both worlds. The physical movement is done for you so you can relax into the space created. From the base of your feet to the crown of your head, you are energy condensed in physical form. Thai yoga has a way of breaking energetic blockages manifested in physical tightness. It is cathartic. It is liberating. It is calming. It is healing.

Once the mind and body feels safe, the cells shift to a new pace. The energy within each one expands and fills more space. I am honored to be a conduit of the Ultimate Source of Energy.

Meridian points cover the body from head to toe. Thai yoga opens the flow of blocked areas.

Incredible ability to energetically shift perception of time.

Therapeutic and healing for the body and mind.

Thai yoga is an energetic release, re-balance and re-charge.

Nashville, I am one of the best around.

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