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Flow with the Music

There is a magical energy in  music. I have my personal favorites; however, what "speaks" to me may not be what "speaks" to you. The key is to let what does resonate within you literally move you. Some yoga classes do not use music to assist in staying focused on the practice. Others play what is classified as "new age" music or songs without words...or, words in a language you do not understand. It's all good for those it "speaks" to  in their practice. Experience different are destined to hear something you did not know about or knew would move you.

Being one who craves variety, I play a blend of music depending on the energy felt or needed at the moment. Not being too concerned about precision of moves, I find it rather liberating to flow with the music. To get on the mat, turn on some music that sings to the soul and just move with it. I consider it a dance on the mat. Plus, I am my best partner in this dance. There's n…

Yoga of Ages

Aging is a bittersweet journey. When you're young, you can't wait to get older; paradoxically, as you get older, you wish you were younger. One is either looking forward or back. The concept of simply enjoying the present has its fleeting moments; but easily fades in the background of the mind with distraction. If one does not make the conscious effort to make the most of their only, the see-saw of "should have, could have, would have" will always sway back and forth. Yoga helps you in the aging process. It certainly has helped me.

I can only speak from my experiences; therefore, if I was to explain how yoga helps you before age 40, it would be an assumption. The anatomical benefits speak for themselves. You build strength, improve internal bodily functions, and enjoy more flexibility. From a mental standpoint, the gifts of yoga manifest when you're ready. Life has a way of throwing you a curve ball when least expected. Yoga has a way of…

Teaching of Our Ancestors