Flow with the Music

There is a magical energy in  music. I have my personal favorites; however, what "speaks" to me may not be what "speaks" to you. The key is to let what does resonate within you literally move you. Some yoga classes do not use music to assist in staying focused on the practice. Others play what is classified as "new age" music or songs without words...or, words in a language you do not understand. It's all good for those it "speaks" to  in their practice. Experience different sounds...you are destined to hear something you did not know about or knew would move you.

Being one who craves variety, I play a blend of music depending on the energy felt or needed at the moment. Not being too concerned about precision of moves, I find it rather liberating to flow with the music. To get on the mat, turn on some music that sings to the soul and just move with it. I consider it a dance on the mat. Plus, I am my best partner in this dance. There's no guessing, no worries of making the wrong move or designated time to end. It is a practice of dancing with the energy of feelings from the heart. Like the ocean's waters, they roll in and out differently each time. Enjoy being your partner on the mat. Detachment becomes easier because you can be the observer of what manifests.

Breathing and moving to the words of John Lennon's, Imagine, adds depth to my practice and the words he sang speak louder. The message the song is intended to share becomes crystal clear. Nothing like moving physically while being moved mentally or emotionally. After all, yoga is a mind, body, spirit practice...work all those parts of Self.

The powerful, yet gentle strokes of the piano in the song, Cristofori's Dream by David Lanz, makes me  breathe more deeply. It makes me feel more of the move of each moment. Closing the eyes enables me to see the notes that move me within and feel even more. If you have not done this, try it. Put on some music that makes you grateful you have the gift of hearing...it is a gift. Breathe with the flow of the notes. Move the body in whatever way feels right at that moment. Close your eyes and feel what happens.

Initially, you will most likely do "standard" yoga poses because it is what you know. Keep flowing with the music and you just might find yourself coming up with some creative changes of a pose. Or, you may find yourself staying still in a pose for awhile, yet feeling something moving deeper within. It's all good. Leave the mindset of doing a certain number of moves standing, sitting or lying down out of the mind. Just try a practice of flowing with the music of the moment. Feel life flow through you. Feel the energy of the music inspire you to move or be still. Feel the gift of another being shared with you so you can be moved to share your gifts. Music has the power to move more than the body.

Find or strengthen the gift you have to make your ripple in the waters of life. No one has all the answers and that is actually a good thing. If we knew all there was to know, would life have the same purpose or meaning? Would music still speak to and inspire the hearts of countless people? Would the practice of yoga have the same impact? What would there be to seek? Perhaps this is the way to appreciate the quote, "ignorance is bliss." There is bliss in learning something new and knowing there is more to discover. The power of music is just one the tools to embrace in seeking your bliss.

If interested, here are just a few of my personal favorites: All different styles of music, but all from the heart...just like your practice of life and yoga should be.
Leonard Cohen
Michael Jackson's Man in the Mirror
Cafe Del Mar-Sea Bird
Helios-For Years and Years
Christopher Cross-Sailing
Peace Piece-Liz Story (remake of Bill Evans)

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