Yoga Love Letter

Dear Yoga~

The written word engraves images the spoken word can only lightly sketch. Thus, I feel compelled to write you a love letter. I'll do my best...just like you've taught me. You made it possible for me to dig deeper and find priceless treasures. Intangible, invisible treasures...expanded with no boundaries. Your moves keep me going full circle. The completion of each circle concludes with a revelation. Yoga, you give me Cosmic rolls forward.

Yoga, I thank you for strength to climb higher...see more. You don't force me. You allow me to move at my pace. When ready, you give me courage to see new perspectives. No judgment. No rules. No fears. A relationship with no hidden agenda. I love how you express yourself so quietly. You've taught me to listen to whispers in my heart. A priceless bond we share.

A relationship eradicating time as a guide. Your lack of deadlines is my lifeline.

Yoga, you have brought special people in my world. Without you, my sphere of loving energy would be small. You increased it expand beyond my imagination. Meeting them opened doors to a castle with no walls. You made me realize the only wall was in my mind.

Yoga, you helped me discover unknown aspects of myself. You taught me to peer beyond edges. You taught me to feel the life of each move. You inspire me. You sparked passion to learn. I now seek to learn and understand anything that helps me understand history, the Divinely designed body, the impact of one...the more I learn, the less I know. Therefore, it is a life quest. How intriguing it is to connect the dots of moments and efforts of those before now.

Thank you for giving me the gift of helping others. You bring me wellness, peace of mind, acceptance of change. You made my purpose visible to my naïve eyes. I hope to be the rock that another grazed against that sparked a flame of awakening. Who knew breathing and moving had the power to release the spirit? Like eagle babies take that first jump out of their safe nest and take flight...there's no turning back. The ability to fly higher, gaze from a higher perspective and come back down when the winds start to pull me off course is my practice within the practice.

Yoga, you've softened me as much as you've me stronger. Buddha was so right when he said "thousands of candles can be lighted by a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared." Thank you for the happiness you have given me and the quest to light more candles.

As a teacher, I must confess, my ego cherishes the student's accolades. But, my heart reminds me to feel humble. When peering at the ocean from the shore, you compel me to step into deeper waters. As I go deeper, I catch details I missed. The discoveries fuel the fire of life. I love being the captain of my ship with you as my co-captain. You give me the flexibility to stay or change the course.

Thank you, Yoga, for guiding me out of shallow waters. No matter the depths we delve toward, I do not fear sinking. You've shown me to immerse beneath the superficial surfaces.

Thank you, dear Yoga. You woke me up. I dream while awake. I live in the moment. I appreciate each breath. I know sharing you with others will not diminish our connection, but extend it further than I can see now. Simply put, you taught me how to feel without expectations. Love, compassion, happiness and even the not so pleasant transient emotions. You taught me to enjoy the ride. Nothing more gratifying than knowing you have a friend for life.

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