Gratitude of Experience

Gratitude is a magical energy that circulates through the body and mind when made a point of focus. Being a "baby boomer", I feel grateful for experiencing life before technology took off like it has in the past twenty years. For those of you in the same age bracket, you will appreciate what I am saying. For those who are younger, I hope that you truly understand the power of trust, time, and tenacity.

Just to stroll down memory lane, I feel compelled to share some of the things I took for granted; however, but now truly appreciate the value. Some people may think it is better to get things done faster; however, the truth is, time seems to do what it needs to keep up with the new pace. Time is priceless and you cannot get it back. The same is for your life. Why rush it? When you take your time in whatever you are doing, you will glean more than you know.

Here's some things I remember and understand the value of these standards.
~Cable television did not exist. All four channels went off after the 10 pm news. Unless you were compelled to read, you went to bed. A good night's sleep was a basic.

~Cell phones and computers did not exist. The concept of "I can't live without my phone" did not exist. There was a lot more to focus on.

~Dinner was cooked on the stove. Microwaves did not exist. The toaster oven was around; but, that was not to make a meal. Meals actually were comprised of a balanced diet. Obesity was not rampant; and consequently, neither was diabetes. Connections?

~As a kid, we would play outside until the sun went down. Our immune systems were stronger because the concept of getting dirty was not feared. Using an anti-bacterial soap to eliminate bacteria was saved for the hospitals.

~Knowing how to write and spell was a basic. To learn that it is being considered to eliminate teaching how to write in cursive is a disservice. It actually atrophies a part of the brain.

~Most of us did not feel the necessity to lock our doors, much less have alarm systems. Theft existed, as it always has; however, the fear of it was not rampant. Sometimes I wonder if it really is worse when you integrate the population ratio in the statistics. All I do know is that fear is alive and well.

~A pharmaceutical approach was not the first line of defense when an emotional or mental issue arose. Emotions were expected to be experienced, not suppressed or neutralized. The concept of having a pill to address whatever bothered you did not exist. Now, it ranges from depression to not getting aroused enough to have sex.
FYI: Just learned that if a man finds it necessary to take Viagra to "get it up", he better have his heart checked out. Failure of blood flow down there is often indicative of a possible blood blockage elsewhere.

~Respect was earned by your actions and not automatic. It was understood that you had to "walk the walk" instead of just talking about it. To demand respect without earning it makes it worthless. To utilize fear to get it is downright shameful.

~Music was from the heart. This mention is not intended to slight the talented folks that are sharing their gift now. Rather, this is to remind many of how music spoke to your heart. When a singer sang, it was their embellishment. When an album was made, the entire group played the song together vs. recording in separate increments. You could feel the collective energy of what was being sang and played. I believe that is why so many of the songs of the 70's are re-made. Unlike most music now, there are songs that you can listen to hundreds of times and enjoy it like it was the first time. Priceless.

~Speaking face to face was the standard. The concept of ending a relationship via text or e-mail was impossible. Conflict was a part of life, as it always will be; however, it involved talking about it and finding a compromise. To embarrass someone to the masses via You Tube or Facebook did not happen. (no computers to do it with) Learning to look someone in the eye and be honest made you a better person.

There are many more points that I could make about what I have experienced in the past 40 plus years; however, you get the idea. I am truly grateful to have the mentality of the earlier years. When I catch myself getting worried about my status in the "rat race", I take a step out of it. My time slows down and I get a lot more done. Not just chores or work, but more importantly, sharing life with others.

After all, when it is all said and done, I would think most of us would want people who crossed our paths in life to feel gratitude of their experience.

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