Envisioned Yoga

Now this may sound a bit off the wall; however, when you are not physically able to practice yoga, you can practice in your mind. This revelation emerged as I was on the plane headed to one of my favorite places, Sedona, Arizona. I tried different arm and wrist moves and a twist to get the kinks out as I felt the body compress a bit. It helped, but was not exactly what I needed and then I found myself getting impatient with two more hours of flight to go.

I found myself desperately wanting...needing to do a Downward Dog! Well, if I even attempted it, I would have my rear end in someone's face and secondly, I am sure someone (of no yoga experience) would think I was up to something suspicious. Not a good way to expose the magic of yoga to the potential yogis!

Then, it came to me. Envision myself in Downward Dog. Kind of like...BE the Dog.

I closed my eyes, inhaled as I envisioned myself raising my arms and found myself doing a mental Sun Salutation. Once I was in my Dog, I envisioned the muscles engaged from the forearms down to the heels. I even imagined pressing firmly down and enjoying the reversal of blood flow. I took a few minutes to get in the mode; however, I used my memory bank stored in my body's cells to "remember" how it feels. I had to get my rational mind quiet, for it instinctively was eager to remind me I was not actually practicing yoga. Then, my intuitive side would respond quietly with the question..."based on what reality?"

I did different moves in my mind and physically linked it all with my breathing. Of course, it was not quite the same as the "real" thing; however, it did remind me that your reality is what you make of it. Imagination has unlimited potential of manifestation. Now, because of this unique reminder, I know I can expand my imagination when doing an actual physical practice. The body has an infinite source of energy resources that are available to experience. Simply start at a physical focal point of awareness and let what you envision emerge.

An interesting observation was that I tried to do handstand in my envisioned practice. Just like I stay up for a few seconds in physical mode, the same thing happened in the mind. I made several mental attempts to stay in handstand, consciously aware that I would not fall physically; however, could not stay up mentally. I have to assume it is because I have not instilled that in my physical cell's memory bank. Or, perhaps there is an unknown fear or weakness that I have not unveiled. Or, maybe I will be able to do the physical handstand once I master the mental one! I will practice this technique and see what happens. After all, it really is mind over matter. Your reality is self-imposed or self-envisioned...make your choice.

Consider using the practice of envisioned yoga when you need to do a move, but physical restrictions make it not possible at the moment. Do the actual breathing with it and focus on the details. It is a great meditation for it works your body from the mental standpoint and tests your mental "edges" of imagination. When you get to do the physical practice, you will have a deeper understanding of the benefits and beauty of yoga. Every aspect of you needs practice and exercise of some kind. Once you do this, you will ignite a revelation that yoga truly unites mind, body and spirit.
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