Blogger Savasana

As you progress in your yoga practice, your awareness of movement transcends from the mat. The physical practice is critical in keeping the body maintained; however, the less visible layers of Self start to become more apparent. Goals, desires, perspectives and sense of purpose change roles. Initially when one starts yoga, the concept of breathing and doing a good Dog is a dominant thought. Like all things, as time passes and practice improves, what was a chief focus falls from the forefront of intentions. Awareness of different muscles and joints needing focus emerge. Awareness of being present in all forms becomes easier. Awareness of intentions beyond the mat become almost like apparent flickers of light in the mind and heart.

I love to write. I did not even think to start writing until three years after I started practicing yoga. I love to share what has worked for me with others. But, just as your practice do your efforts to fulfill an internal life purpose. In this case, after writing for three years...I have decided to take a Savasana from blogger writing. I feel honored to have you read my blogs and even more touched when you take the time and effort to let me know that it resonated with you.

I  realized that all the time I spend on writing a weekly blog, daily Twitters, LinkedIn communications, and Facebook posts....I am doing exactly the opposite of what I preach! Life is not meant to be spent on the computer. Technology has its place; however, when too much priceless time is spent on better be collective time that served a good purpose. I have reached a new edge in intentions and purpose.

But first, I feel the need to take a Savasana from what I do here to let what I've practiced here settle in and give my written word rest. But, trust me, the purpose of it is to serve the same purpose of my blog...just in a different way. As I let myself surrender to blogger savasana, I feel certain the stillness will manifest into the unmanifested that I dream of. Or, I may find the savasana simply an action to help light up the fire of my words. Time will tell.

If you enjoy reading my words, I will be writing an article series for  in 2012 and have a monthly article posted in this inspirational site I have been filming for You Tube for three years and that will continue for 2012 with a new twist to it.

I wish all of you peace, happiness within, and passion for what ignites you to live your life to the fullest. Some consider 2012 to be a year to fear. Personally, I consider it a year to grow exponentially. It can be challenging and scary to grow or change; however, ultimately, the result is beneficial. To be stagnant and not change with time is much more detrimental at numerous levels. Taking time to restore, rest, and be still is not the same. So, if you find yourself in a place of transition...mentally, emotionally, or physically...take your savasana off the mat.

It just might be the best time you never lost~

Peace, Love and Kindness to All...May you discover your gifts to expand the positive energy the Source has given you to share.
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