Diary of a Yogi

I will be sharing with you excerpts from my diaries that I have written in for the past thirty five years...started when I was 11. Perhaps something will resonate with you. Perhaps sharing personal thoughts, experiences and feelings will help someone. I hope to touch hearts in a positive manner and simply confirm what I believe in my heart: we have more in common than we have differences. Perhaps igniting awareness of that truth will help bring the "change" that so many seek.


A lifetime of revelations has always led me to the same truth: always follow your heart. We all have experiences that we have never forgotten. Some painful, some wonderful. For me, I have found that the most profound experiences ultimately brought both feelings to the table. And, not necessarily in any particular order...the depth of the revelation seemed to determine that factor.

So many components can determine how one chooses to face growing as a person. I do not think it matters about the age. One's nature is not created by anyone or anything. It is the true Self that started from day one. External influences of parents, family, monetary situations influence choices; however, ultimately it is our choice on what to do, think, or say. I have heard many a person blame a parent, friend, ex-boyfriend, etc for what happened to them. But, being a person who could have used the same excuse for certain choices, I beg to differ. In fact, despite all the negative experiences I could hold my father hostage to...but, do not; the best thing he unconsciously taught me was to take complete responsibility for my life. So, all the "bad" experiences in earlier years actually taught me a basic truth. We are totally responsible for our lives. Save the blame and look in the mirror. Most importantly, know that it can be as good (or as bad) as you choose for it to be.
As for my life, it is awesome.

This is where so many people get lost along the way. Instead of seeing challenges as gifts to develop from, they cling to the hardships of the past. It is almost as if a lot of people wear their hard times (even when it is over) on their chest, like a badge. Some appear proud to wear their "badges" of challenges and take every chance they can to remind others of them. I almost see it as an excuse note that you need to justify who you are.

Until one learns to toss the "badges" out, they cannot truly move forward. Personally, I think that if you need to wear a badge for recognition, you still have something to learn. Until the need to wear the badge is gone, you cannot move forward. People need to save the "excuse notes" for school or work. Save the badges for the officers. True personal progress is seen and felt by all that get a feeling of the ripple you made. In the grand scheme of things, there is no trophy beautiful enough to represent that type of achievement. Know in your heart that you make a positive difference on this planet we share and your choice to join the cosmic dance made a difference.

Hear the music and dance like only you can dance. Smile. Laugh. Love. Enjoy. Share. Live...

Challenges have made me stronger in one way; however, softer in the heart. I needed them to be who I am and where I am now. I would not change a thing that has happened thus far. I know that there are many who have had it much more challenging than me; however, I know that we all have certain things to learn. How we choose to learn it (or, even choose to learn) is another story.

To be continued...
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