My Parallel Universe

An excerpt from my book in process...One Yogi's Journey “Follow your own vision and become the vision of someone else…believe…” SOJA

In my parallel universe, the gifts within me have proliferated beyond my current vision. Words of the heart language touch people of today and tomorrow. The sentences keep pouring on the pages just like the sun’s rays can’t hold back their source of the Light.

Individuals moved by words share them with others who need this authentic and organic dosage of medicine. The written words demand to be heard. Thus, I speak them with a passionate energy that feeds upon itself. The expanding flame spreads around the globe.

People are inspired to make small changes. Some are released of ingrained assumptions of tainted perceived realities of others. Some learn to forgive. Some even forget. Some are profusely grateful for the opportunity to learn forgiveness.

Some decide to give more than they take.

Some discover to love without expectations. Some discover love unexpectantly.

Each day becomes more beautiful than the last.

Some develop an addiction to goodness, polished and shiny perspectives vs. the negative and tarnished.

Some keep their mouth full of questions closed and allow the answers to emerge when the time is right.

Symptoms of madness are healed by the energy of united love.

“Good guys finish last” is now understood. We want them to finish last…because they were meant to last. Don’t be deceived by ingrained thinking. They’re strong for us. They’re the inhale that provides the collective sigh of relief in humankind’s exhale…

In my parallel universe, my physical aging process dramatically slows down. It doesn’t cease; but, it follows the pattern of the ocean’s waves. It gently rolls forward and drifts back very close to where it started. Strength is maintained. Beauty transcends the visual. The roots of wisdom dig deeper and spread in all dimensions. I live near turquoise blue ocean waters. I wake up with the sun light softly touching my eyelids. I float to slumber's tune quietly and surreptitiously played by the moon and stars' nightly orchestra. I am satiated in every sense of the word.

I dance fearlessly in tandem with the music of living life to the fullest. No beat is too fast or too slow for me. I listen. I set foot on life’s floor and move with it. For a brief moment, I slightly fear that I’ve finally understood the meaning of life. I wonder if you finally get it, it is time to go so you can’t share the secret with your fellow students.

Then, I remember there’s more to learn irregardless of how long I live. With my Zen mindset of the eternal student, fear is eliminated and dancing is resumed with a vengance. No looking back. No time to waste. It's an euphoric, erotic, liberating, daunting, practice of living. Makes the yoga poses that make you drop your jaw in astonishment seem simple.

In my parallel universe, dreamers wake up. Nay-sayers get tired of saying no. Doubt is replaced by hope. People are tired of fighing. Greed is replaced by giving. Taking is returned. Worth is not measured by financial wealth. Locks, alarms, cameras, stun guns and frequent changing of passwords doesn't exist. Sounds unfamiliar and crazy to some readers...but, that era of time did exist. I know. I lived it.

Trust in the process holds my hand and pulls me forward. My life-long friendship with myself continuously evolves. Love explores new dimensions with uncharted and forgotten passion.
It’s not over…it has only begun…mentally, physically and spiritually, I’m learning the ancient practice of alchemy. All I want is whoever I touch to feel like gold.

That’s not too much to desire, is it? I don’t think so. We just need to love more to live more fully. I think I will stay in my parallel universe for awhile and see what hovers on the horizon...nothing is set in stone.
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