Forgive the Ghost

Most of us have something in the past that we have not released. Call it the "ghost in the closet" that may have hidden itself so well that you thought you forgot about it. However, one of the most powerful ways to grow spiritually and free yourself of negative energy and thinking is to truly forgive. It might be an individual's action, it might have been a cataclysmic event, or it even might have been something you did. Whatever the event, or whoever the source, it is imperative that you surrender your heart to the power of forgiveness.

The only person who can figure out how to forgive and release something from the past is yourself. It happens when you surrender your emotions and realize the complete freeing of Self that emerges when you truly forgive. There is much truth to the saying that the most challenging people in your life are your best teachers. Once you feel the energy of forgiveness fill your heart, you will be grateful for the experience. Without the experience, you could never know the gentle strength forgiveness gives you.

Who do you need to forgive? Set your intention on letting forgiveness enter your heart and watch the ghost vanish.
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