What is Yoga...really?

Yoga is whatever you need it to be each moment of your practice. If you need a boost in your energy, an active flow of moves and breathing can ignite that spark within you. If your body needs to let go of tension, a more passive practice of stillness in poses can guide the body and mind to release. Physically, yoga will help you learn the power of persistence and the strength of surrender.

Awareness is the key that unlocks the body and mind. Once you are truly aware of where you are now, the yoga practice will link the parts together. This link of movement, breath and awareness will take you where you need to be.

The magic of a yoga lifestyle is that it opens up so much space far beyond the physical realm. It opens cracks that allow your Light to become more visible to you and others. To better understand the concept of "cracks", listen to the words of Leonard Cohen's heartfelt song, Anthem.

The initially unseen Light that becomes apparent will ignite revelations of change and growth. Once your Light becomes visible to your conscious mind, know it does not fade. Learn to share your Light and observe it become brighter. Share your Light where you see cracks...it will get in. Being actively conscious takes practice. Yoga keeps it balanced.

Your practice opens your mind so that you strengthen the ability to truly feel your intuition. Your insight of who you are, what your heart whispers and awareness of the interconnectedness of all life expands. Perhaps this is the best form of enlightenment while in the physical realm.

So, what is yoga? Consider it the ignition key to get your body engine moving. Consider it a candle that can light other candles. ("Thousands of candles can be lit by a single candle and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. ~Buddha) Consider it an ocean wave that moves you and calms you. Consider it a journey.

Suspend the mindset from the quote, "the journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step" for a moment. You took your first step when you were born. Look at where you are now. How many miles did it take to get here now?

Does it matter?

How many miles do you have left?

You do not know; but, does that matter? All we all have is now. Everything else is either gone or a guess.

Keep moving on your path of revelations that yoga brings; take detours that feel right; pause along the way to take a closer look at what presents itself to you.

The practice of conscious living is what yoga teaches. Just like your practice on the mat, make your life practice a great one.
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