The Spark of the Pen

You have heard it before and maybe you have done it...write down your dreams or intentions. It is easy to think and wish for something to come true; however, a spark somewhere in the cosmos gets ignited when you write it down. The action of writing an intention on paper can awaken your subconscious and conscious mind to make it happen.

I speak from experience for I have been keeping a diary/book of intentions for around six years now. I am grateful to say that the intentions have manifested over the years. Don't get me wrong, it is not instant. Instead, it planted the seed in my mind and synchronicity put the elements in order for the dreams to happen.

As a yoga teacher, I have always set my intentions to learn and link with the best. When I read the book, Yoga Beyond Belief, by Ganga White, I instantly knew I HAD to get advanced training from him. I read it in July, 2009. I wrote in my book..."I will meet and get further training from Ganga White." Now, almost exactly two years later, it is about to become a reality. He and his wife teach advanced training at his White Lotus Foundation. It is an honor and exciting to have a dream come to fruition.

There are many other dreams that I started writing and a good percentage of them have happened. What is even more amazing is what manifests after the dreams or goals become a reality. More doors open. I dare to dream bigger. I have learned to let go of fear of failure because to fail to try is worse. "The pen is mightier than the sword" has a deeper meaning.

Think about it. Quotes, books, words of truth are documented and repeated from thousands of years ago. Actions of revenge, regardless of the reason, are not remembered...much less used as a source of reference for encouragement. Dare to dream, write it down, take the steps to make it happen. Don't worry about the truly is the journey of getting to the dream destination that makes you grow. The experience of the dream is the icing on the cake. Two years ago, I would not have been truly ready to glean what Ganga has to offer. I am in the right place in my life and yoga journey to go now. The Cosmos knows.

I look forward to sharing the sweet icing that I will taste when I deepen my knowledge of yoga, of Self, of life. Who knows...something may happen as I write and the spark ignites a flame so bright, many will see the Light within themselves. Now, that is a fire not to put out.

Get the Light to spread further and who knows what will happen. And, to think that a change started with the spark of a pen. History has shown it happen in the past, and the future will continue to prove it true. So dream...commit it in writing...walk the walk to get to the destination you are to reach...until the next one presents itself.

“Your future takes precedence over your past. Focus on your future, rather than on the past.”
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