Is Reality Real or an Assumption?

Initially, the question the title asks may seem strange. Take a moment to detach from the random, unsolicited thoughts that constantly emerge in your mind. Ask yourself...what is my reality? It could be a long list of responsibilities and concerns to stay on top of; otherwise, left mishandled could lead to a perceived crash and unknown consequences. Or, your reality could be one that is less rigid and more of the present moment. The older you get, the less likely you are to be in the second bracket.

I say, a balanced blend of both with a dash of taking steps into the unknown. The unknown is the things that occasionally cross the mind in the format of, "I wonder...". Better known as your dreams or undeveloped passions. To never step out of the boundaries of your "reality" is like a bird living in a cage. Always looking out through the bars...seeing only as far as it can...which is not far when in a cage.

If your reality is primarily of negative influence, you can take action to ignite a positive one. Watch the news all the time or series based on violence? Stop watching it. Watching negative media influences your consciousness. It becomes your perceived reality of the world. Remember that media is compelled to keep you entranced by embellishing what you see; therefore, what you often watch is a distortion of truth and sometimes an outright lie. More importantly, what is going on in your world? That is what really matters. If more people made efforts to make their world better (and that is not implying their country), there would be a more fearless and peaceful energy.

Do you really think that we are any safer than we were ten years ago? I daresay, people feel less safe. Why? Fear of the possible attacks is discussed ad nauseum. Fear ignites more fear and we (the general mass) are assuming and trusting that the higher powers are in control of the situation. If I had to pick one thing to worry about, it would not be other countries or people with zealous intentions; instead, it would be Mother Nature. She is the one ultimately with the most power and no one can control her. Do I fear it? No, because to fear the unlimited possibities of the unmanifested is a waste of precious energy.

Listen to your heart, not what has been ingrained in your mind as reality. If you do not like something in your life, take the steps to change it. Do not waste time judging what other people are doing. Their life reality is their choice. Your reality is your choice. Once you start to think from this different angle, you realize that you are not a victim. Some changes are not easy. I know that. But, often the most difficult of situations that you come through on "the other side" make you stronger to truly live.

Like Gandhi said, "Be the change". He didn't mean for us to put it on the proverbial list of things to do. To be the change requires it to start now. And, it requires that YOU be it...not waiting for someone else to start it. For example, if you see garbage lying around in the neighborhood and wonder who and when it is going to get cleaned up...know it should be you. After all, you live there too. You just might be seen by someone else and start a ripple effect that raises awareness of taking care of your part of Earth.

Responsibilities keep things in order. Passions or dreams bring purpose. The reality is whatever balance of the two you assume. There is no perfect balance for nothing is perfect. Personally, I think that is a great thing to know. To pursue a perceived perfection keeps you from seeing the true beauty of subtle imperfections. It is the imperfections that make us unique. Pursue balance of everything. Anything done in one extreme has consequences. Mother Nature, your body, and everything functions best when in homeostasis. Or, like Buddha said..."everything in moderation". Want to make your reality a more fulfilling one? Start now. Your heart will whisper if you ask for help. Listen and make the first move.
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