Have Time...Will Live

Going to a funeral is a pretty stark reminder of the brevity of life. It does not matter if you make it to 100 years; in the scheme of things, it's quick. Take the time you have been given to truly live. Yes, we have bills to pay and responsibilities to others, but if you're not careful, you might lose sight of what life is really about. Time is an illusion. Things or circumstances can change almost quicker than you take a deep breath.

Hearing and truly feeling the love and happiness that this special person shared with countless people reinforced truths that we all know...but, forget sometimes. Here are 7 truths to practice. And, yes, just like yoga, consider life a practice. You came here without training and continue to learn along the journey. Just like a yogi hits the mat for the first time, so do all us in this practice of living.

1. Love is the Light that brightens another. Share it, receive it, and keep it going. You won't lose anything...it only gets brighter.

2. Follow your heart in what makes you, YOU. To do what contradicts with your spirit's purpose is cheating you and the world of something that makes a difference.

3. Cherish each moment of a relationship based on love, trust, and friendship. The love that grows from these relationships flow forward to others. Learn from the ups and downs too. Nothing is perfect...nor should it be. Without imperfection or challenges, you do not learn anything new about yourself. There is always space to grow.

4. The classic quote by Thomas Jefferson: "don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today" is symbolic of making the most of NOW. My writing of this article is an example of this practice. I may not have had the same passion or thoughts tomorrow...who knows and it does not even matter NOW.

5. People remember you fondly by your kindness, your positive energy, and your gift of giving them your time.
Money and status do not make a lasting mark. Think about it. The most common people that are quoted, remembered and honored are those who followed their heart to make a positive difference. Think Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Helen Keller, Anne Frank, John Lennon and countless others. Being on that list is not what matters. It is what you did to make a difference that ultimately matters.

6. It is your life. Take responsibility for it. Save the excuses. We all have challenges or various degrees; however, failure to rise above it will keep it alive and worse. Use the challenges to become better at this practice of life. You only have one chance, so don't think you can re-boot yourself for a second try.

7. Keep learning. Keep exploring unknown territories. Face fears head on...it might actually fade before your eyes. To go to work, eat, go to bed and start all over again is depleting. Make the effort to do just a little bit more...see what happens.

I could go on, but you get the picture. If you practice yoga, practice with awareness. If you have a dream of creating or doing something, pursue it with awareness. As long as you are here on this magnificent planet we share...live...love...learn...and love even more. This is what matters.

Just keep practicing until your final breath....in this place. After all, you'll want to know the basics before you move forward in this mysterious journey of Being.

Written in honor of the love and inspiration of Mrs. Lynda Piggott's life here. She is one of the many spirits that followed their heart to express their truth.  Peace~
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