Faith, Hope and Love

The unfathomable killing of children and adults in the Connecticut school has ignited a wave of grief, fear, anger, and seeking of blame. It is horrific. It is tragic. It makes one take pause and wonder...why? It is normal to want a specific source to blame in order to seek reason within the madness. But, the truth is, tragic events like this one have many layers to them. History is layer upon layer of thoughts, words, emotions, and actions. The combination can take many turns. It is not simple.

We can blame the gun laws; but, that is not the cause. We can blame lack of prayer in schools; but, that is not the cause. We can blame lack of security; but, that is not the cause. We can come up with a lot things to blame; but there is always a multitude of components. The cause is a fusion of thoughts, words and actions that took place long before it became a concept in the killer's mind. But, remember, there are more good people than bad. In fact, "good" and "evil" can be impressed upon the mind in numerous ways. It has been in practice for a very long time. The intention may not have had today in mind; but, the consequences cannot always be predicted.

The video games that basically revolve around killing the enemy are toxic. Children play these games and become desensitized to the concept and consequences of such actions. The mental instability of young people (and all ages in between) is surging due to stress, fear and lack of happiness. The mass production and consumption of GMO food and grossly treated animals laden with chemicals is revealing their benefits. The mass distribution of medicine, vaccines, and fusion of taking multiple medications are showing their poisonous effect. The stripping of spirituality from the public eyes or ears in exchange for fear of consequences has caused imbalance. The lack of unity within our own government rolls down to lack of unity in the country. At times, it feels like this is the Divided States of America.

Enough of the negative. If you take a step back from the horrible event, you see, hear and feel the collective sadness, grief and compassion for the people directly impacted. We are in this together...whether or not we live in that city. Like it or not, we each have a responsibility to each other. More laws don't change things...more security has not changed things...instead they increase fear and give the false illusion that bad things won't happen to good people.

 Voltaire once said, "No snowflake in an avalanche feels responsible."

Focus on sending love, compassion and more love to all. We cannot solve our problems at the same level of mindset that created them. It is imperative to rise above judgement and quick assessments of why things like today happen. The scales of right and wrong have been tipped too far one way. Either we can each think, speak and act in a way to balance it out; or, not. Each person is a part of this mankind avalanche. United, we can stand back up...but, divided, we will fall....and it is not contingent on the government. We all share this planet for a short period of time...then we leave. How you let your "snowflake" make its impression is up to you.

Love, prayers of blessings and compassion to all. The heart is strong for a reason. It takes the hardest beatings in life; yet, keeps on beating to share its life and love with those in need. We need it more than ever. Have faith that tragedy serves a Higher purpose. Feel hope that there is more love than hate. Give love to those you meet. You never might be just what that heart needed.

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