Awaken by Wandering

Wondering and awakening is a complex shift of energies. Discard the 'when I have time' disclaimer for dreams. "In dreams, there is truth" (Latin quote: In sominis veritas) Live your truth. Time is elusive. Walk past fear. The road of fear is a dead end. Dream while awakened. Sip courage to step into uncharted territory. Remember that "those who wander are not lost."

Nourish what and who you love. Include yourself. Keep the energy of delicious music dancing in your ears. Smile with the uplifting songs. Cry with the sad ones. Don't be afraid to feel. Save lists for the grocery store. Spend more time in the moment you're actually living now. Forecasting is so passe'. Weather in Nature and Life can change his mind at the last minute.

Avoid the mainstream news like the plague it is. The owners are merchants of fear. They're selling and we're buying. Wisdom exposes the endless subjective layers of an event. Truth is not served on a is more of a spice for the dish of the day. The chefs preparing the entree' are getting their ingredients from sources of ulterior motives. Organic, untainted by convincing agenda-cide meals don't enter the kitchen of news preparation. And, the aftertaste leaves a bitterness that takes time to fade.

Every day is a page in your life. Write your own story. Do your own projections; but, leave space for the unexpected. Follow your heart. Trust the Cosmos will keep a trail of light to brighten your path as you walk it. Admire the muted colors of the horizon far away. Be amazed by the details of sights you see when your eyes are focused. There is magic in the unforeseen. To know all eliminates flexibility to change and grow. Practicing yoga illuminates a path that stretches beyond the physical. Risk opening the door of the beautiful caged animal in your mind. Walk or fly alongside it. That is how you "find" yourself. Chains to the past can be unlocked. Only you have the key.

Don't hold your breath...let it flow. Each exchange of air is a gift. Saving the best for last is not living. Free yourself of achieving perfection. Perfection is static. Practice is dynamic. How and what you practice is your choice. And, it can and should be more than one thing. Don't know where to start? Practice the art of love. Love is an energy incapable of keeping reservations. Like Buddha's light of the candle truth, love is a light that can be shared. You might be the light to help another see better along their path. Practice love (romantic is fabulous; but, we're really talking beyond that.) What to do next will present itself to you. Step on or over fear and practice living. The world is the playing field and your mind is the key to open the invisible door of potential realities.

Strengthen all your senses. See beyond one perspective. Hear subtle details. Touch and feel with intrigue of a novice. Taste and smell like a connoisseur of fine wine. Use technology to serve you. But don't become mentally trapped in thinking you can't live without it. Unlearn stories assumed true and use your compass of intuition to lead you. Live with latitude. Live with texture. Discover the significance of brevity. Etch hearts with love's eternal mark.

Keep wandering with wonder in this life. The further you go, you will find yourself waking up again and again. In your dreams, you will find your truths.
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