The Mind of a Champion

The Olympics is so much more than the pursuit of taking home a medal. It is not about which country brings home the most wins. The conscious passion of the athletes to share their best generates a magnetic energy that spreads beyond measurement. The intense focus on the present moment...each moment of each move could be the "make or break" in the delivery of skills. A few moments of pondering a less than ideal prior move can and does impair the next one. Conscious living is no different.

Yoga is an outstanding source to practice active consciousness. In a day of routines, you breathe, digest, walk and even think without effort. It is the easy way to live. Problem gets boring and habitual. Even worse, monotony drowns drive. It is estimated that our minds are used 10% at the conscious level and the rest resides in the unconscious. What you percolate in the conscious level sinks into the subconscious. Once there, the body's chemicals, hormones, and cells respond in physical mode. Think you won't ever be able to do a certain yoga pose? Well, if you think it, you're correct. Want to blame your genes for challenges? Go ahead...those neurotransmitters of energy will nourish that challenge. But, are stronger than you think.

Do you think an Olympian goes to the games with the thought that they are going to lose? Of course not. They go with intention to give the best of the skills that they have honed for a long time. They trust their best can match the best of their opponent. To do this, they must become the master of their zone. (mind) When you practice yoga, if you just let the mind express its doubts, past conversations and justifications, you lose the practice. It is so much more than the physical moves. Achieving certain moves comes with practice.

Mastering the mind is what really starts the changes you actually seek. Exercise the mind with higher frequencies...positive thoughts, passions and compassion. It takes effort to be conscious. It is easier to let whatever drifts in the mind via others words or energies; however, there are consequences. Ever notice how you feel after watching the news? Did watching it change the world? The only world it changed was the one you reside in. To change it, you have to consciously release it.

I wonder if one was to increase their consciousness from 10% to 20%...what could manifest? It makes me wonder if our evolution as human beings is still in its infancy? We got the body evolved to a good place; but the brain appears to have some growing pains. Each of us can evolve, expand awareness and make positive changes with thought. Yoga, to me, is the Olympics for mankind. The champions are unlimited. The medals of gold lay in the hearts. It really is not whether you win or lose, it is how you play the game...of life. Play with passion and see what you win.

 Go to the mat with the mind and heart of an Olympian. Be present. Be aware of every breath and every sensation. Train the mind to get in the yoga zone. The subconscious will happily receive what comes its way. It is at your mercy; but, ironically, it gives back what you feed make it good. I know its not easy, but nothing great emerged without effort. If greatness was easy...well, it wouldn't be great. When should you start? No time like now. It is your choice.

Carpe Diem: Seize the really is all we have.
Disce ut semper victurus, vive ut cras moriturus: Learn as if you're going to live forever; live as if you're going to die tomorrow.

Both very wise Latin words from the generations of the not so distant past. Champions of history are quoted, emulated and remembered because they had the courage (heart) and passion (endurance) and faith (to believe) to consciously live. True champions of all fields...medicine, language, spiritual awareness, science and beyond...inspired others to learn more. Let the champion within you emerge so you can play your best in this ever evolving experience we call life. You never just might be the shoulders someone else stands on to see further!

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