Timing, Rollercoasters, and Yoga

"Be careful what you wish for" is not advice...it is a fact. Insightful pushes to live fearlessly versus methodically allowing "common sense" to lead the way is a precarious balance. Priorities get discombobulated by a fierce need for change, growth...a non-specified, pressing desire. Life is a rollercoaster ride. Just when we think we have a grip on timing from prior experience, we can get thrown out the chair as an unforeseen jolted pause is followed by a triple twist swept into the tunnel of unknown.

Yoga opens doors you didn't see yourself walking toward until you suddenly see it staring you in the face. Waiting to be opened. Door of choices exposes an often overwhelming view. What is behind door #1...door #2? Can feel nirvana-ish...but, the more notches you've etched on Time's bedpost, the more complicated. A lot gets buried in the graveyard of the past.

Can you have it all? Yes and no. You can't have it all at once. Time's nemesis is ironically...timing. Maybe for a brief segment of time, coalescence of passions collide and a shooting star etches the sky...giving a delicious pause of amazement. And, then it's gone. Doing what you've never done before is courageous...risky...forces you to move forward...out of bounds. Dreams pursued and not pursued can lead to potential regrets. Determining the lesser of regrets is/can be emotionally taxing. The onslaught of thoughts, emotions, and deep desire to matter can be mental warfare.

Leo Tolstoy said the two strongest warriors are patience and time. The warriors of Determination and Courage are expected to step up to the front line when Patience and Time have paved a path to cross. So many warriors...but, who leads the way? If no one steps forward, is a retreat in process? There's a price to pay for moving forward and a price for not. You think there is a compromise; but, it narrows down to finding what is strongest in your heart.

Time (Warrior 1) will tap on your shoulder to get you back in line. Patience (Warrior 2) will whisper in your ear what you tried to forget or deemed unbelievable. Some can ignore their warriors. Some can't. Time is an invisible ghost of the past, present and future relentlessly scratching it's long nails on the mind's chalkboard to keep you moving. Patience is obscure. You don't know she was with you until she starts to leave. Her absence can make you lift your hands off the ride's handlebars as the coaster races Time and you scream to go faster. You need her by your side...to keep the wheels on track...to keep you on track. Balance (Warrior 3) is remembered as soon as we forget her.

Moments on the mat gives your warriors well deserved rest and nourishment. A suspension of agendas. A hiatus from the war in the mind. Possibly, a spark of clarity. Swallowing a delectable slice of now without wondering about the next bite. You have all you need. Wants lose their hold. The heightened awareness of breathing expands beyond the lungs. Sensations of movement pulls more than the muscles. Fitness is re-defined. Accumulated mental dust gets whisked out with every exhale. The inhales take care of everything else.

When twists and jolts make you ask "where did all my warriors go?", know they haven't left. They're simply waiting for you to determine who's best to face the front-line with at the moment. Hold the pause as the light of day slides through the cracks of night. Let the star's light you're following flow beyond the eye's peripheral vision. You might discover valuable warriors who've had your back all along the ride.

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