Practice Fusion of Energies

Get ready to practice beyond the physical dimension. The practice of yoga deepens as you discover and play with energies. Some energies are self-contained and some are floating around the skin. The dynamics of a pose can change instantly with a single shift of awareness. There are a plethora of energies; but, it basically narrows down to the density or frequency of it. Einstein's E=MC2 explains this fact. The faster the vibrational frequency, the lesser the physical mass. Kinetic energy is based on motion. Astral energy is aura related...or, the swirl of ever changing chakras that circle around your being. Potential energy is stored energy waiting to be ignited by other forces. The following suggestions integrate the act of consciously raising your frequency.

1. Shift dispersement of weight:

Ok...let's talk plank. I think most view this pose as a necessary evil to get stronger. It builds arm, back, core, and leg strength. Stay in it for a few seconds and the heaviness is fought. Overcome heaviness by observing where the foundation of your weight is felt. Hands/wrists? Core/back? If you are feeling heavy in a dominant place...extend it beyond the point of focus. Press arms to rise a little higher. Make sure quadriceps are engaged and the balls of the feet are carrying their fair share of weight. Imagine yourself being lifted up vs. fighting to stay up. Then, observe the stronger external energy encasing your body. Very subtle changes of frequency can be felt.

Let the dogs out when doing Down Dog and Up Dog. Both poses can be dynamically changed via energy. Downward Dog is classifed as the resting pose and most students giggle when this concept is mentioned. Most hardly feel like they are resting. It can be tweaked with the same concept as plank. Is weight dispersed equally from hand to foot? Is there more weight on the wrist or are you using the entire hand? Are you allowing the back and core muscles to work together? Tense facial muscles are a waste of potential energy.
Same concept as in plank...extend your physical energies in the directions they pointing. Your arms are extending into the ground, the spine is extending upwardly and the legs are extending down. Hopefully, the weight and extensional energy from the hands and feet feel pretty equal. If not, shift in the pose to make it happen. Keep muscles you are aware of active, breathe and focus inwardly on smaller muscles that lie under the bigger ones. You have a lot more to work with than you realize.

In Upward Dog, be sure to have hands beneath shoulders; roll shoulders back...feel those shoulder blades get closer; let the top of your feet be on the ground as you press yourself your thighs. Feel yourself being lifted up vs. pushing yourself up. To counter lower back discomfort, gently contract your abdomen and notice discomfort fade. Using the kinetic energy of the muscles, bones, and breathing ignites the fire of astral energies.

2. Really BREATHE...

We talk about it all the time...Ujjayi breath (ocean breath); but, how long during the entire practice is it actually done? Take in your breath deeper. Give it all back. Imagine inhaling and exhaling through your pores. Close your eyes and try this method. Perhaps you feel your skin open up a bit more; maybe you feel an indescripable and unnecessary energy leave. Merge your kinetic breathing with energetic breathing. The fusion of both totally changes the moves in the practice.

Lift your arms up higher in Warrior I with a richer inhale. The exhale doesn't bring you down; instead, it grounds you a bit more. Suddenly, your mind forgets what it is trying to achieve in a pose and simply feels the delightful energy. Pose by pose...breath by breath...change emerges. The energy within and around you is moving you and with you. Once you experience this transition, the Light to discover more burns brighter. You've deepened your practice and it is unlikely a desire to go back to shallower waters can pull you back. After all, engaging your astral energy generates a stronger desire. Desire is the fuel for creativity to be released.

3. Interchange your senses to strengthen your 6th sense...

The five senses...sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. Add the sixth, and there's intuition. The first five can be interchanged. Exploring the interchange is a form of meditation and re-wiring of the brain's habitual practice. We listen to music; yet certain songs or sounds can touch us. You can read a riveting novel, poem or written piece of work and get goose bumps from what your eyes read. Specific smells catapult the memory cells of a person or thing in the past...good or bad. Gazing at the overlapping shades of colors of a sun setting beyond the ocean waves can actually open all your senses to drink in the moment. You can focus on what you see; but, the senses can get stronger as you focus awareness on them individually...collectively...and in a variety of combinations.

There's no one suits all formula to follow. You simply practice coming to your senses. You can do it while practicing yoga. You can do it while sitting down, you can do it standing up, you can do at any moment you choose. The sixth sense needs your five senses to be strong so it can reveal itself to manifest latent dreams. Or, should I say, rather than expanding experiences. It will happen when you least expect it. We talk about it, read instruction books, watch concept related movies and listen to others preach about their secrets. The dreams referred to are in the conscious mind. What is rather astounding are the dreams/experiences/revelations you never thought of that raise your frequency. You get a delicious zing of unperceived reality.

And, the practice of integrating and expanding energies to experience E=MC2 keeps raising the frequency...

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