Yoga Addiction: 9 Step Process

Can you get addicted to yoga? I think so. A physical practice of moving and breathing. With cloaked stealth, the moves expand inner space. Feels good, right, real. Keep internal motion flowing and external ripple seen. Gets smooth, like satin sheets. One day you slip into a pose and it happens.You cross a mysterious line of no return from life before yoga. It's not in the way you move or way you breathe. You feel a magnetic force pulling you.

It's like love. It's like music. It's like sex. Your moves generate alluring...hard to resist trying...empowering...poses of constant change. You want more of the energy you stir within. It's a rush like no drug. Can't say there is a cure; much less a need for one. One more practice. Oh, yoga...hold on...I want to be what you can make me be. Your body and mind let you know they want it. "Come on...they need a lift" beckons the spiritual warrior. Hearing pleas to step on the mat? You're officially hooked.

Your practice becomes a vitality juice for all you imagine to be or do. You dream with detachment. You don't waste time on the meaningless. You take charge of your practice of life on and off the mat. The hardest moves you ever make are off the mat. Yoga builds inner strength to toss fear of failure overboard and makes you face the ship's captain in the eyes. You. If you're willing to leave safe shores, you hold the helm and ride the waves. You glance at where you think you should have been and where you hold on. You can change course anytime. Yoga deletes 'should have','could have' thinking. It illuminates sight of 'what ifs...?'. The 'what ifs' are given space by the 'pause' button you press while on the mat.

You do Sun Salutations one way and it changes another day. You can't help but change. It is Nature's process of growth. Yoga has unlimited approaches to the same pose. You can hold it tight. You can let it go. I like to feel what my body whispers through my pores as I breathe. It's kind of romantic. I feel my sexiness. I like it. So, yeah, I'm addicted to how it makes me feel. I like the energy of how it makes others feel. It is one delicious blend of energies.

Relaxed strength. Stress is an after-thought of events. It's easier to hold onto the moment of now instead of the past or future. Whatever will be, will be. The future gets brighter with practice. Hold onto the good and let go of the insignificant. Let me state for the record, the yogis I've bonded with are like family. We are sisters and brothers dancing and singing in this concert of life. Have faith in the things you believe and do. Yoga expands your family.

There's a reason yoga came into your life. You were ready to let your love grow and shine. Move to flow like the wind under a bird's wings. If you get addicted, move with the high of it all. It is not work. You discover what makes you, you. Every veil of time and ingrained perceptions are stripped off one by one. You face your naked beauty with a deepened perspective. You embrace the organic-ness of your Self. You see more, feel more, hear more; yet, not drowned by it. What I love keeps me warm. So, I practice to stoke the fire. Call me an energy junkie; I guess I'm seduced by the flames yoga fans inside me.

In yoga addiction, there are 9 steps in the process. Nine is a number of coming full circle. Yoga brings you full circle without returning to the same place you started. See what steps you have stood on. They come in time and practice. By the time you step up on stair #9, you will find yourself repeating the steps with a new vision. Your mind's gallery of revelations will have revolving doors as it welcomes auspicious guests and the 'out of place' ones exit without saying good-bye.

1. Yoga reveals vulnerabilities. Embrace them.
2. Yoga tunes into the higher frequency of your Self. Feel it.
3. Yoga ignites fearlessness to dream, believe, and do. Act on it.
4. Yoga enlightens you to shatter self-imposed boundaries. Step over lines in the sand.
5. Yoga inspires you to take risks beyond the mat. Take them.
6. Yoga exposes lessons to learn. Do the homework. You'll pass.
7. Yoga awakens your intuition. Listen to it.
8. Yoga loosens your grip to the old past. Dance in the eternal youth of now.
9. Yoga is an act of Love. Share it.

Be ready for what is yet to be. Yoga sets you free. You see the big picture while immersing yourself in the details. Such a rush. And, if you find me lying still on my mat...know I'm intoxicated from the magic potion mixed in yoga. Hope you find your cocktail of energies. We can drift together. Nothing like flying higher with others. See you there in the vast space of "what ifs".
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