Diary of a Yogi

We all have places or things that touch our heart like nothing else can. For me, it is the ocean. I was blessed to be by the waters of Siesta Key, Florida last month. I wrote from the heart what you're about to read as I simply gazed at the beautiful ocean...

I sit at the edge of the ocean in awe of its gentle power. Layers of water emerge as a wave only to blend back into its Source. So many layers, waves upon waves, yet never separate. Just like the body...layer upon layer...a matrix that cannot function without each link...each wave of its physical being. When something 'malfunctions', the interconnected layers restructure themselves to accommodate the change. Just like the water can flow over rocks, cities...the planet without interference...only perseverance. The unseen winds blow and the birds ride that wave.

To watch a seagull float effortlessly above the water while barely flapping its wings is another amazing sample of Nature's art. As a yogi on the beach, I feel the balance of energy between the forces-Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. Each keeping the other in check. Too much of one disturbs the delicate balance of the others. We've seen what happens in the weather. Just like everything, balance is imperative.

While in an asana pose of balance, such as Tree, one appears still; however, while being in Tree, you feel the truth. It is a delicate balance of breathing, focus of stillness while internally keeping the stability. One must simply let the Self, like the Tree, emerge. Be aware of it, feel it, observe it, be a part of of it...like the waves. An outside observer may see you be still; however, you feel the gentle rotation of muscles, bones and breathing to maintain your balance. Appearances can be deceiving and this physical image is the perfect example.

How can I accurately describe the feeling of the soft sand under my feet? As I glide my feet back and forth, I feel myself go deeper in the Earth. There is softness as I go deeper. Each move takes the foot deeper and the dampness and coolness actually warms me. To understand what I stand on is comprised of millions, no billions, of particles reduced to a fraction of its original size is staggering. To know it could be from outer space, the bottom of the ocean, a part of a living creature from millions of years ago or part of a huge, beautiful shell worn down by time is mind boggling.

Laying by the ocean, under the sun literally feels like being re-charged with new energy. My body is the battery and the sun is the spark. The constant flow of wind and water are the conductors that link me to the Light. It is truly the perfect blend of the elements. United, yet diverse; strong, yet balanced. It makes me wonder when we, as humans, will understand how to blend the divine matrix of unity and diversity. Such a delicate dance of powers, surrender, respect and love. To understand the tipping point of the non-physical to the physical realities for the purpose of good is what is needed.

May the day come when ulterior motives related to greed and power dissolve into the size of a piece of sand. May the day come when all individuals realize that what faith they choose for their heart is not THE only link. May the day come when people realize there is nothing to fear. May the day come when governments (the leaders that make them) realize the Earth is owned by no one...but owned by All. May the day come when mankind realizes there is no justification for violence. May the day come when mankind realizes that the only person you can truly change is yourself. To justify violence, manipulation, the utilization of man-made fears and a forced sense of obligation in the name of religion, nationality or race is wrong. It always has been and always will be a detrimental force if allowed to remain in the collective mindset.

May the day come when we focus on the fact that we share more in common in the journey of life than differences. Focusing on the differences is what has kept us weak. That is simply what I believe; however, that does not make it true. Listen to your heart and whether you agree or disagree...simply cherish the unity of diversity. We may all have differences; however, we are like the waves of ocean...emerging for a moment, then sinking back into the single mass of water.
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