Forgive the Ghost

Most of us have something that we have not released from our past. Call it the "ghost in the closet" that may have hidden itself so well that you forgot it was there. However, it will re-appear when provoked. One of the most powerful ways to grow spiritually and free yourself of negative thinking and energy is to truly forgive. It might have been in individual's action or a cataclysmic event, or it might even be something that you did. Whatever the event or whoever the source, it is truly freeing to surrender your heart to the power of forgiveness.

The only person who can determine how to forgive and release something from the past is yourself.

The true first step is to simply face it directly and acknowledge it only exists in the past. You keep it alive with your thoughts. There is much truth in the saying that the most challenging people in your life are your best teachers. Once you understand you are the one responsible for your mindset and truly forgive, your heart will feel a gentle energy within it and it will permeate throughout your entire body. Always remember, without challenging experiences, none of us would truly learn valuable lessons that each of us are meant to learn. You cannot change the past, but you can choose how you want to think and live today.

Who do you need to forgive? Set your intention on letting forgiveness enter your mindset and your heart. Face the ghost without fear, but rather with gratitude for giving you the opportunity to grow. If you will truly forgive, the ghost will be released from that closet in your mind. Make it a priority to clean your "closets". It will eliminate what is no longer needed and give you the much needed space you have been trying to find for yourself.

A great quote to remember: "To forgive, you must set the prisoner free and learn that the prisoner was you."
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