Grace Under Pressure

Divine intervention...the Source that succeeds every time. It happens more than you realize. Auspicious timing goes unnoticed because nothing happened. Intervention timed to perfection. Day goes on and some complain it was uneventful. Best not to complain and convert to gratitude. It is easy to forget.

So, something big happens to give you a spiritual re-alignment, so to speak. It's not in the news. It's not heard in routine conversation. It takes place, with you as a cog in the time machine, and only in hindsight do you see how the mighty Hands of Time turn. I have 20/20 vision to the past. I am not a psychic. I know a story that is better shared than shelved. It's true. I played a small role in the front end and blessed to hear the rest of the story from the one selected for the leading role.

It's Friday. 8 a.m. Grace reports to the dental office I manage for a routine cleaning. Vibrant, healthy...couldn't guess her age if you tried. Smiling, she informs me of a new blood pressure medication her cardiologist has prescribed. It is documented. The hygienist takes her blood pressure before the cleaning. It's rather high. Concern is reported to me and I go talk to her to get some idea of what has changed since her last visit. She says she feels fine and it is not unusual. She is smiling, looks outward sign of imbalance on the inside. She knows that I teach yoga, she asks me if she is too old for yoga. "Of course not", I tell her..."but, I'd check with your doctor before you do certain moves. Probably best to focus on breathing right now." Totally zoned in breathing vs. blood pressure, I guide her in slow, focused breathing. She says she's feels very relaxed and is still smiling. So, I give the thumbs up on the cleaning. (Trust me, I have learned a lot since the event and will have a different approach. But, I believe Time was on our side.)

After her cleaning, she wants a filling done. Blood pressure taken again. It has skyrocketed into the red zone. As in, get to the hospital. When she came to the front desk, I felt an odd sense of urgency. Told husband to take her straight to calls. Later learned, all the lights stayed green and she made it to her heart doctor in 5 minutes. As if they were waiting for her, she was brought in, assessed and admitted to the adjacent hospital. By then, she was feeling a stabbing pierce in her forehead and was not completely lucid. She was on the brink of having a stroke or heart attack.

Medicines were given to treat acute conditions. She has a known heart blockage where it is too dangerous to operate. So, it is watched. Like a dentist "watches" a cavity each visit until the choice of inaction outweighs the risk of action. The first night in hospital, she wakes up at 3 a.m. feeling damp. Her eyes adjust to the light and she sees the sheets are soaked with blood. The needle in her arm slipped and her blood thinner opened the flood gates. She presses alert button and nurse comes in aghast at the sight. Everything brought back in order. Told she was lucky she woke up...she nearly bled to death.

Friday night event made doctor decide to keep her another day. Saturday, I spoke to her and she was feeling good; grateful for the appointment at the dentist office that saved her life. I was relieved to hear her voice. The plan was to release her Sunday. She was anxious to go home. Someone had unfinished business and could not be pressured to hurry.

Saturday night, the nurses have a shift change at 11 p.m. For those into numerology, you know eleven is a spiritual number. So, at 11:00 (I bet it was actually 11:11), the nurses exchanging shifts entered her room. Basic stats were being taken. Grace had a thermometer in her mouth when another person appeared. She didn't see her come in; but, saw her clear as day. A tall, African-American woman with an old school afro was standing a few feet from Grace as the nurses did their thing. She was holding a manila folder, like the ones used before technology took over records. She introduced herself as a nurse practitioner and told Grace she was looking over her chart. She mentioned how she knew about the heart issue and how the blood pressure was being managed. She seemed to be unnoticed by the nurses; but, Grace was so engrossed in her presence...and with the thermometer in her mouth...she didn't say anything. She listened.

"Grace, be sure to tell the doctor tomorrow about the renal artery blockage. You have a blockage there. Will you remember to tell them what I've told you?" With the nurses oblivious to the nurse practitioner and protocol stats being checked, Grace nodded her head she would remember. The nurse took the thermometer out of her mouth and she turned to ask a question, but the nurse practitioner was gone. The nurses left and she made a mental note to tell her son what she was told. She remembers it being odd the nurses did not speak to this person; but, she was tired and fell asleep.

Sunday, her son comes to see her and she tells him about the person who came to share what was found. Grace tells him about the renal artery issue in case she forgets when the doctor comes. He said he'd remember. A few hours later, the doctor checks on her and tells her she is good to go home...pressure and heart issue under control. Happy to be going home, she forgets about last night's news. But, right before the doctor leaves the room, her son tells the doctor..."I almost forgot. My mother had someone tell her about a renal artery blockage. Know anything about that?"

The doctor's face blanched as if he had seen a ghost. He didn't ask who told her. He ordered an immediate CAT scan. The scan exposed a major arterial blockage. Surgery took place the next day and the artery that connects from the kidney to the heart was 90% blocked. Her life was saved.

I spoke to Grace the day after she went home. I could feel her smile and sense of ease over the phone. She was full of gratitude for all the "angels" that made it possible to enjoy another day of reading in her sunroom. To see the sunshine love and be share her story about the love of being sisters. "Valerie, we're sisters...the women in your office are sisters...the nurses who helped me...all of us are sisters. And, I love each and every one of you." I felt her love and truth and silently reciprocated.

"I am so grateful I can share this story with you because some people just wouldn't believe it. I know you do. The nurse practitioner who came was my guardian angel. That is why no one heard her or saw her but me. She was with me the whole a sister."

I told her I was grateful to witness the events and more than grateful to hear her tell me about it. I told her it was a story people needed to hear. Some may discredit it. Some may fully get it. And, those on the fence might lean into the pressure and experience how Grace has a way of keeping you up.

So, I'm sharing this story and hope to learn of more to write about. We are family. Earth is our residence. Each of us play daily roles in the scheme of life. Trust the timing of Divine intervention...there's a reason for it. Grace doesn't crumble under pressure...Grace's energy condenses to a diamond and shines for eyes open to see.
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