The Yoga Redemption

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Latin-Yoga lesson 101:

The Latin root of re means "back" in back to place of origin. Emere is Latin "to gain". Think remember, remind, reiterate, reciprocate...all words referencing to going back to something. An experience, a thought, an intention...sources of redemption.

Yoga can be a path of redemption...gaining back awareness of who you are, were and can be. It is easy to forget who you are. Overload of technology can undermine the gift of using your own mind to think...feel...and question what you assume to be fact. Untamed emotions and self-compromising thoughts energetically accumulate in your body.  It is easier for the mind to settle in a rut than it is to actively get out of it. The mind works hard to find the easiest way to get results. Yoga does not allow laziness, mentally or physically, as an option.

It requires a courageous heart to convince the mind to redeem from the past to move up, out and forward.

Redemption of self requires release of mental and emotional baggage. In doing so, you reveal gifts you forgot or didn't know you had. Being in tune with your body's abilities of the moment is one step of the yoga redemption. Conscious breathing leads to conscious thinking. Conscious thinking expands your realm of perception. Sooner or later, the closed inner gates in the mind burst open and the impossible becomes possible.

We often think it takes something major to propel change. Study history's lesser known details and you will see major changes were a result of small steps. Small steps fed passion to take leaps. Unique, courageous, passionate individuals ignited profound changes in the world.

Yoga is scientifically recognized as a source of healing. (It took awhile to collect the evidence of benefits; but, established yogis already knew.) I have personally been a yoga "patient" for ten years. With practice and  an ever evolving shift of mindset, I wonder how I made it this far without it. Apparently, this student took awhile for the Teacher to come...and there is no turning back.

Yoga is more than exercise or a way to get fit. It is not just stretching to attain more flexibility. The goal is not to see how twisted you can get. Or, how much heat you can endure with hopes of not passing out. It is not admiring your "perfection" of a pose in the mirror. If you let the ego dominate the practice, the deeper, richer, more subtle layers of you can't be emancipated.

Practice with humility and respect for the "doctor" that is waiting for you to visit. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, knew the power of the internal energy of the body. "Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease."

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