A Pose is Just a Pose

"A kiss is still just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh. The fundamental things apply as time goes by." What a song rich with meaning. Use its words that never go out of date as an inspiration in your practice of yoga. As time goes by, you will find the depths of yourself emerge through your practice. Your poses are just poses until you think and feel beyond the technical elements of it.

When you approach the mat, step onto it with your established knowledge and an open heart for the new. It's a case of doing and exploring. Your heart opens as you welcome the person who stepped on the mat. It is the beginning of a beautiful relationship each time. Just when you think you know everything about yourself, an epiphany emerges shedding light on something from a fresh perspective.

Yoga is so beyond the physical. It simply utilizes the physical moves to open Pandora's box of self awareness. That's when you start to delve into the sweet part. Just like a cinnamon roll...roll those layers out until you get into the soft, sweet, middle that made all the waiting and effort worth it.

How can you tire of Warrior I when you do it with love? How can you become bored with Sun Salutation when you move with focused intentions? A triangle is just a triangle, a plank is just a plank...if you leave out the fundamental purpose of practice as time goes by.

Take your plank for a ride. Arms are straight, engaged...fingers spread wide...balls of feet solidly rooted. Shoulders directly over wrists. Back is actively using muscles around the spine to retain its straight line. The ab's core muscles are engaged keeping the back straight. The front and back are working as a united team. Muscles from the glutes to the calves are firmly held. Weight is consciously and equally distributed from hand to foot. No portion of the body is taking on more than its fair share of effort. That's a great plank. Oh yeah, and you're consciously breathing. Do it enough and it becomes effortless. You can even feel a defiance of gravity; You discover yourself thinking differently while in it.

"A picture is worth a thousand words" can be transposed to 'a pose is worth a thousand words'. You can read all day about how to do it, but until you actually practice it...the experience will remain out of your mind's reach. A yogi may and must explore new poses or ways to tweak a familiar pose; however, the fundamental purpose of yoga moves stays the same. Just like hearing an old song that always warms the heart...so can familiar poses be experienced more deeply.

When your practice transitions to this state, you realize each pose was just a pose until enough time goes by. It requires practice to reveal this truth. Keep practicing.

You will get it as time goes by.

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