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If yoga is your passion, YogaTrail has the edge. One of the keys to learning yoga is a great teacher. YogaTrail gives you the ability to enter your city and find teachers or studios that offer what you seek. It helps take some the guesswork out of the search. But, this part of the site is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Want to learn how to do a pose better? YogaTrail has a fabulous blog that offers 2-5 minute video demonstrations. Even if you have been practicing for awhile, you are destined to learn a slightly different approach. Keeping your practice flexible is key in discovering what works better for you(and your students if you teach).  Even us yogis like to get to the meat of the lesson without the fat and grissle, so these quick tutorials are perfect.

As yogis, it becomes almost a need to share what makes your practice richer. It strengthens a desire to give. This site shares a wealth of experience in it's blog. Down to earth articles that just about any yogi can relate to. The sense of unity yoga stands for is seen and felt in this cyber space link.

It is a new site that evolved from the magical energy of yoga. It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned yogi or new to the mat. If authenticity is important to you...the yogi developers of this site share theirs. We talk about taking our practices to new edges. The same approach is done with the design of this site. Not the same old, same old. Not claiming allegiance to one style of yoga is refreshing.
Variety really is a necessary spice of life.

Love to see pictures of people doing poses differently? The photo portion of the site offers a lot to see and learn from. Submit a picture of yourself striking a pose you love. It is the learning from and sharing with others that makes this a fun site to peruse through. The illusion of perfection is not portrayed...but, the beauty of an individual opening him/herself up to others.

It can be enlightening to learn from others who are passionate about what they practice. It's contagious. It can inspire you. Learning outside of a school structure is where its at. Instead of mandatory classes to dread, you now get to pick your class and your teacher.You zone in on what resonates with you and a whole new world opens up. Pretty sweet.

Check out this site and see if an initially unseen door opens for you. It only takes a few clicks...then, the journey expands...just be sure to keep the mat nearby.
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