Get Busy Living

If you have seen the profound movie, Shawshank Redemption, you will know the words..."get busy living or get busy dying." Initially, it seems like there are only two actions. Reality is...there are unlimited moves on this roller coaster of "getting busy".  As a spiritual practitioner of yoga, I have had an epiphany of the true necessity of pursuing edges and new horizons. It transcends the pursuit of physical edges. The push to reach and surpass in the physical mode opens cracks to true unfold your secret of how to get busy living.

I'm not talking about the daily tasks of work, chores and responsibilities. If you hit the lottery and did not have to deal with financially ignited actions or needs, you would still have to find your secret to life. Once you've gotten your traveling and "bucket list" completed, you would still seek how to live with purpose.

True living is propelled by a purpose that nourishes the heart. What comes from the heart permeates into the hearts of others. Paradoxically, sharing the light within you helps fan the flames of those who surround your light. Nature is a magnificent teacher of the magic of Light. Moths race to surround any light that is on. The trees grow taller to reach the sun's rays. Fireflies flash their light to find their mate. We flash our lighters at concerts to share light...unity...a connection beyond the physical.

Just know this...staying in the middle can lead to the dousing of the flame. I find  that a yoga practice that lacks new experiences or challenges leads to an monotonous routine. Repetitive routine can lead to apathy. The same concept applies to living. You have a gift to share~develop it, expand it, grow from it, make a difference with it. It could be music, writing, teaching...whatever it is, nourish it to the fullest. Often, we confuse the assumption that if we don't make money at our gifts, it is not worth doing it. Sounds contradictory to the general consensus, but it is not about the money. It is your life.

Money has a way of deterring many from pursuing purpose. Do what you love and money won't matter. Sometimes the money will follow, but don't stop doing what you love if it doesn't.Things have a way of working out as they should if you follow your heart. 

I know this to be true for me. I write to share knowledge and money. I teach yoga to share the magic of it for a more than fair fee because it makes me happy to make others happy. I film yoga clips on You Tube to help share a bit of my flame for others...little money. But here's the crazy thing...whenever I need the money to pursue a trip I desire, an item I would love to have, or whatever (within reason), the money makes its way to me at the right time. Pursing my purpose nourishes faith. Faith trumps doubt.

I have created multiple sources of income between "real" world work and doing what I love. Therein lies my secret. To not do what I love would be the death of me. To reside in the middle and not learn more, do more would be detrimental. Teaching yoga comes from my heart and I intend to hone that gift until physical time propels me to get busy dying. I hope my sharing of purpose will light many candles...thus, mine will not burn out. I hope for more people to share their gifts with detachment. I hope for people to fear less and dream more. I hope for more people to believe in themselves. I hope...

What brightens the light in your heart? Fan it with action and see what you learn about yourself. Simply stated: get busy living. Faith, hope and love will guide you. As it has always been known to be true...the greatest of these energies is love.

Give it away with hope. Ignite more to have faith in their gifts. The circle will complete itself as the energy of doing what you love comes back to you.

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