Cells of Greatness Unite

Ever wonder what would happen if all the greatest minds, hearts and spirits of the past lived right now? Imagine. Jesus, Buddha, Confucious, Einstein, Helen Keller, Swami Vivekananda, Aristotle, Martin Luther King, Jr., Leonardo Da Vinci and whoever else you can think of lived now. All with distinct gifts and purposes. All driven by their gifts...driven by their desire to make a difference in the world until the day they died. Driven by their recognition that they are one among many....not THE one of all.

We currently do have many people who do what they can to make a difference. Oprah, Dr. Frank Lipman, the Dalai Lama, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Gregg Braden, and many more. The list is long for it does not even scratch the surface of those who make a difference incognito. I haven't even mentioned the profound musicians of history that created music that can make your heart weep and smile...all in one song. Or, the writers of books or classic movies that have a message that engraves itself in your heart and unconscious radar.

My point is...with all the greatness we have witnessed, experienced and gleaned inspiration from...where is the change we seek? Why do we allow history to repeat itself over and over again? War, pursuit of power, and money is a vicious cycle that permeates the history of mankind. If we have such advanced technology and vast knowledge, why do we keep repeating the same mistakes?  Have we digressed from being planet Earth to Lands, Waters and Air, Incorporated?

 All the wireless equipment and technology that can do such amazing feats never deemed possible are pointless if we do not "upgrade" our minds.

 In fact, the general mindset appears to still reside in the DOS software. Can we blame it all on the governments? Can we blame it all on the greedy corporate world executives? Can we blame it on Wall Street? The list of blame can get quite long; however, ultimately, like the greatest of great minds previously listed...they were like you and me. They simply chose to pursue their path with a vengeance propelled by something greater than them. Voltaire said it beautifully: "No snowflake in an avalanche feels responsible."

Planning for the children's future is a waste of time if things don't get addressed NOW. Believe it or not, the planet has cleaned house five times in its existence. The concept and illusion that change takes time to manifest needs to be erased. The distortion of truth on the news is grotesque. The cruel treatment of animals is despicable. The "shortage" of funding for those in need is beyond old. There always seems to be money to provide for weapons, lifetime salaries for political leaders and massive bonuses for the upper echelons of corporations despite a reported loss. Enough of the excuses.

It's time for each person to function like an individual cell within our bodies does. Each cell has its own components of working; however, they exist, live and provide cohesively together. One does not stake its claim over another, regardless if it makes the brain work or the digestive tract work. All are important for the collective whole. The egotistical cell  is as toxic as cancer. It proliferates by weakening the good cells that live with good intention.The good fight hard; but the cancerous cells have a completely different agenda. They have no problem taking good cells lives to get their way. Sound familiar?

We have been seeking the cure for cancer for about as long as we have existed as a race. Coincidence? What kind of cell are you? Do you want to nourish the life of many or do you want to toxify down to a few? If the cancer "wins", what is gained? Most likely, the most toxic of cells will continue to eliminate more until nothing is left. Congratulations. You have just succeeded in creating a life of solitude.

Enjoy it while you can. Because history does repeat itself, the good cells will reappear out of Nowhere. Maybe, just maybe, not the cure...but, the eradication of cancerous cells will become the first chapter in the history books. Now, that is a book I anxiously look forward to reading!

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