Practice Expands Horizons

Yoga has officially hit the mainstream in a big way. New styles of yoga practice appear to pop up when you simply Google the word yoga. It would be easy to be distracted from the true purpose of it. It is fun, challenging and wise to experience new ways; however, do not forget the heart and home of your practice…YOU. To assume one way to practice is better than another is a mistake. Only you know what is best for you. It goes beyond fitness, strength, and knowing how to breathe. If you have ever put together a puzzle of a thousand little pieces, you can envision how the practice of yoga works. As you do more, you see more.

Ponder Einstein’s quote: “All religions are branches of the same Tree.” The same applies to yoga. It’s personal and speaks to your heart.  Therefore, all practices of yoga are branches of the same Tree. What appeals to you may do nothing for another. Practice with awareness of your physical, mental, and spiritual balance. Ganga White, author of Yoga Beyond Belief, reminds us that balance is a verb. We must constantly make adjustments to maintain it. Physical poses are one source of balance; however, how you choose to experience your practice is another.

Practice practicing. Sounds redundant, but it is how yoga works. Each subtle adjustment you make by reaching a bit higher or breathing a bit deeper makes a difference. Whether you are moving fast or slow from pose to pose, it is simply a practice. Catch yourself if that ego starts to compare your “progress” to others. Don’t pursue perfection. Perfection in anything is a mental illusion and leaves no room for growth which leads to boredom. Boredom puts many on edge.

In fact, release the pursuit of “edges”. Enough people are on edge as it is. Instead, replace the concept of edges with pursuits of a new horizon. Even changing one word in the mindset can alter the experience. See your practice as watching a magnificent sunset or sunrise. Each takes their time in transitioning and revealing their beauty. Magically, they portray a slightly different vision of horizons each time. It is the same Sun each day, yet it shares a vision to eyes ready to see. Your yoga practice is a beautiful expansion of horizons when you open your heart and mind to see and feel it.
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