Yoga Expands Everything

To start, learn, and truly experience the practice of yoga is a life changer. Being a writer of truth, I express what is true for me. Being a teacher of yoga, I have been graciously blessed to witness the changes that emerge over time for the people I share the journey with. It is so much more than getting to that "advanced" pose. It is more than being able to stay balanced longer. It is a practice that slowly integrates in your mind and heart. It expands your awareness beyond your initial capacity.

Yoga ignites an inner calmness with conscious breathing. Your physical moves get those muscles lengthened and stronger. As the exterior gets stronger, strength and flexibility goes deeper. The skies become bluer, the grass greener, and the gift of life more beautiful. Passion for what speaks to your heart is ignited. Purpose of life extends beyond paying the bills. Life falls into place in a magical way full of synchronicity. As you learn to pursue physical "edges" or surrender in passive moves, you learn how to truly live. Life is a dance of moves, choices, challenges, and unexpected gifts.

Yoga is the same. Yoga expands your capacity to feel the gratitude for where you are now. Yoga expands your mindset to learn more, feel more, share others more. It is not an accident that the word yoga translated means union. The irony is that as the physical, mental, and spiritual Self expands broader. Just like the universe is in a constant state of expanding, so is a yogi. The more you learn, the epiphany arises that you know so little. Yet, the joy of true learning and growing expands.

A beautiful example of synchronicity and the power of sincere intention at work manifested at a yoga class I taught. Having a collection of various stones that serve different purposes, I brought them for each person to pick one that appealed to them. I asked them not to think about it, but just feel which one "spoke" to them.
Each one took one and I had them read the meaning of the significance and purpose of the stone.

Now, know this...I am no expert on stones. I have limited knowledge about what they can do. Prior to yoga, never thought of them from an energetic perspective. However, after a few years of practice and opening the mind to concepts beyond the books, I started a stone collection. I know now that EVERYTHING is and what purpose you use it for is what manifests changes.

As each person read the stone's purpose, their jaw dropped Each stone's purpose was distinctly different and even the physical needs of each person was in the stone! The class consisted of six people and all six people had never been exposed to stones. Yet, they innately selected what was just what they needed. Without yoga, I never would have learned about stones. I never would have crossed paths with these lovely people and they might not have been exposed to something they needed. Nothing happens by accident. Timing is everything. Yoga gets you present so that time takes care of everything else.

Expand your breathing. Expand your expectations. Expand your gratitude. Expand your awareness. Expand your pre-conceived notions of what has remained stagnant in your mind. Expand your purpose for living. Choosing not to expand keeps you constricted. It is so much more comfortable to have more the mind and heart.

"Practice yoga and it's all coming." This quote by Pattabhi Jois, a great yogi, means more to me each year. For it is true. Life gets better each year of practice and it is still coming! So, I must strongly encourage that you get on that mat for the first time or the "who's counting anymore" time and expand what is ready.

Much peace and love to all...for we are united. Let your practice of yoga integrate that truth and the feeling of it deep into your cellular structure. It will do its magic, like the stones, and give you what you need.
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