Time Keeps on Slipping...

Remember the song by the Steve Miller band, Fly Like an Eagle? If not, take a listen to get in the moment. Get that mind focused on what you're reading now...not what's next on the eternal list. I know it is not just me, but time seems to be slipping faster than ever before. A week feels like it is finished in the matter of a day. Looking forward to the weekend is somewhat a bittersweet anticipation. It comes and goes by so quickly.

Technology, the mindset of getting immediate results, and multi-tasking has reached a point of an ironic setback for us. The purpose, I thought, that advanced technology would provide is more time. More time to enjoy time with family, friends, or whatever makes you happy. Instead, the list of tasks to complete has gotten longer and has to be done quicker to keep up. Something is seriously wrong with what is being ingrained in the collective mindset.

What yoga does for me and many others who take a piece of precious time to practice is that it stills time. It does not matter if you do an hour or fifteen minutes of yoga. The practice of yoga gets you in the "zone". Consider it the zone of the moment. By being aware of each breath, each move, each nuance of sensation, you will get a grip on the slippage of time. It is well known to stay in the Now and not dwell on the past or future. It is easy to say; however, actually making it a reality is another story. Simply doing yoga makes it happen. No agenda, no deadline, make sure you turn off that phone, and just practice. It is that simple.

Every day that goes by is one less day to live....really live. Yoga ignites a revelation from time to time in that busy mind. Usually, the revelation is a sense of well-being, a dream your tech savvy mind suppressed, or simply a sense of true gratitude for the moment.

Every day is a gift. Treat it as such. When we're given something that we love, we embrace it, feel lucky to get it and would not consider doing anything to lose it. I think our time is much more valuable than the latest IPhone. You can always get a new phone; but you will never get the moment that just passed you by.

Slow time down with practice. Practice yoga, practice meditation, practice being still...it may be difficult at first. But, that is the beauty of practicing. I'm not a believer in pursuing or even achieving perfection; however, I am a big believer in the power and beauty of change. What you could not physically do one day changes with practice. A certain mindset you had one moment can dissipate with a conscious exhale.

Don't let time slip by you and pull you forward. Take time in your hands and treat it like that precious gift it is.

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