Inner Strength

Just got finished watching a documentary on a man the United States was blessed to lead them out of chaos...Abraham Lincoln. Ever since he was a child, he was horrified from the existence of slavery and the staggering abuse of the slaves. Early in his life, he knew he had to find a way to end it. Overcoming the division of the nation upon his election, the demise of two of his own children during his first term, and the sadness of knowing over 600,000 people died in this civil war within the country he led...Lincoln managed to cling to his inner strength to manifest what he knew was right.

All of us have a passion within us that is waiting to be pursued. It does not have to be as earth shattering as the end of slavery; however, if it drives you and is of good intention, you should pursue it. Every action of passion ignites a change. Change does not happen over night. It takes strength, belief, passion, and persistence. Passion builds energy. Energy expands. Believe it or not, negative energy does have an ending point; positive energy has no boundaries.

What does Abe Lincoln have to do with yoga? Unity. His passion was to end slavery and unite the people of the United States. To practice yoga is to unite your inner strength mentally, physically, and spiritually. Definitely a source that can lead to great changes.

Practice with passion. Learn more with the humble knowledge that you will never know it all. Share it with others, but be open to learn from others. Don't settle for anything but the best you can be. With passion comes the need to practice compassion.

Breathe in strength. Live with purpose. Unite all your sources of strength from within to make those who know you wonder what their life would have been without you in it. You do make a much is up to you.

This is not intended to inflate the ego. It is intended to get your flame to burn brighter. We all have heard to "follow the Light" when you transition from life to physical death. Why not be the Light for others to follow while still alive? Many have done it before and after Lincoln. They (including Lincoln) did not do it alone. Great changes have been achieved by uniting for betterment of the collective whole.

Fan the flames of your light with passion and conviction. Yoga gives you personal time to become more acutely aware of every nuance...physically and beyond. Do not ever think that once you reach a certain number of practices that you will know all that keeps your fire bright. Simply know that you have just scratched the surface and that is perfectly fine. The secret is to keep the inner flame burning brightly until it is time to pass the torch to the next chariot....
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