Eleven Fading Excuses

The practice of yoga has rapidly been on the upswing in the past few years. The medical field is even recognizing and advocating it to patients to help with various issues. "Official" tests have been done in a variety of components of the health field to find that the practice of yoga, breathing techniques, and meditation DO make a difference and ignite positive changes in one's well-being. But, like most changes or integration of something new, it is common to have an excuse not to do it or procrastinate in getting started. Are you a yogi wanna be, but...?

To give this a little sound effect, hit this clip before you read further:


Here are the top 11 excuses I have personally heard and will exchange each excuse with an enthusiastic revelation for you to consider!

11. I cannot afford it.
Truth: Videos are inexpensive and some stations on cable have it on for free. Or, you can check out You Tube and find lots of guidance on yoga. Specials are always being run at various studios, so if you really want to try it, there is a way. If the desire is there, you will find the way.

10. I will do it when I lose weight.
Truth: Yoga helps you lose weight. In fact, unlike other exercises, the practice of yoga ignites a change in metabolism and energy levels. You're not only burning calories, but also getting muscles toned, bones stronger, and building an internal heat that burns fat. Keep practicing and your body will change shape as those muscles get closer to the bone.

9. It looks too hard.
Truth: Yoga has so many ways to be approached. A lot of what people who consider yoga,but avoid it have an image of an advanced practitioner in a pose that takes a long time to achieve. The purpose of yoga is not to get to advanced poses; but, to breathe, move, and experience what your body can do now. That's it.

8. I want a "real" work-out.
Truth: Until you have practiced yoga for an hour or so, you will wonder why you made that statement. Just do it...you'll see.

7. Yoga is for older people.
Truth: First of all, it was a shock to hear 20 year old folks make that statement. Truth: Yoga is a great practice for all ages. Younger people may approach it with more intensity, such as hot yoga or power yoga. But, like all things as we age, things change. The key is to listen to the body.

6. Yoga is for younger people.
Truth: Yoga is a life long practice. You can start it at age 80 if you want. Granted, you will not be doing what the 20 year old yogis are doing...but, that does not matter. Yoga is simply a practice. Just remember the truth in the old saying..."move it or lose it." Yoga helps you keep it.

5. Yoga is against my religion.
Truth: Yoga has nothing to do with religion. It improves and strengthens physical and mental well-being. If anything, the more you practice and get those two components of your Self in balance, you might find yourself become more spiritual. If any organized religion has an issue with someone being more spiritual, there appears to be a dichotomy in what they preach.

4. I'm not interested in doing those "weird" moves I see.
Truth: Again, what is seen on magazines and media show advanced moves. We are all built differently and what one person can do may never be achieved by another. The intention is not to get to those "weird" poses. Learn to truly breathe and just link it with your movements. Yoga literally opens up more space within your body. It can be as simple as inhaling as you raise your arms up overhead and exhaling as you bring them down. Keep it simple and what you are ready to do will manifest.

3. I can't find a teacher that I like.
Truth: Like everything, you're not going to connect to every teacher you try out. It depends on what you are looking for in a practice. Word of mouth is the best source; however, if you do not know who to ask, call a studio to speak to the owner. Explain what you need and they can give some guidance.
If I had based my decision to pursue yoga on the first three teachers I had tried out 6 years ago, I wouldn't be a teacher or writer about yoga right now. Set the intention to experience different people. When you find the one, you will know. Even better, your appreciation for the practice will be greater. Trust me.

2. I do not have enough time to practice yoga.
Truth: How we spend our time is a choice. If it is important, we find time. Ganga White, a fabulous yogi who got yoga started in California in the 60's, said: "Yoga doesn't take time...it gives time." This statement is very true. It gives you time to take care of yourself. It teaches you to be present. It teaches you how to get off "auto-pilot" mode. No one said you have to practice an hour each time. If you just do 5-15 minutes of movements linked with breath, you're practicing yoga. Do that enough and you will find time suddenly appear to do more.

And, the number one excuse for not trying yoga is.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t925JwYXhVA

1. I am not flexible.
Truth: Now how is that going to change if you don't do something to change it? It does not take long to see results manifest. Start by working on your mental flexibility by tossing that excuse out to sea!

So, let those excuses fade away and give yoga a try. Do it long enough and this could be what you do when you have the revelation that you could do it all along! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gyu82WG_edM

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