The Pursuit of Happiness

"No one has the right to consume happiness without producing it." ~Helen Keller
So much is said in so few words. If you are not familiar with the law of give and take, it is an important one to know and truly practice. The law of give and take is simple. In order to receive, you have to give. The mindset of expecting to always receive without giving back will backfire at some point. It really does not matter if it is physical or emotional aspects that are involved. You cannot take what you do not give...including happiness.

At this time of turmoil in numerous aspects ranging from money, health of the human race and the planet, and fear of violence, there is something important for YOU to do. Take responsibility for keeping the law of give and take in balance in your life. If you are not happy, make the effort to show kindness to someone else...without expectations of a "payback" from them. What you give comes back around at the right time for you.

Step outside the mindset of being fearful by facing fears directly. Do you want to be happy? Assuming the answer is yes, start giving it every chance you get. Consider it a journey of exploration. Think outside the box. In fact, realize the only "box" is your perceptions in the mind. So see the "box" vanish....get ready to see so much more...

Opportunities present themselves all the time when you are open to see them. There are unlimited ways to do it. Smile, give a hug, say a kind word, write a letter of gratitude to someone...not e-mail. Go "old school" and do what takes a little bit more time; but, means so much more.

Happiness and health are intricately linked. Unhappiness or negative emotions left unchecked can and do manifest in physical illness. Taking this step in giving happiness will ultimately change how you feel physically. Persistent negative emotions keep a steady flow of an imbalance of chemicals released from various glands. The same is true for positive emotions. You may be what you eat; but, you are ultimately what you think. Just like food, make the thoughts good!

The world is full of beautiful people needing the nudge to share happiness. Do not be one who waits for someone else to start. YOU be the start in your life. Happiness has been called an inside job, which is true. However, in order for it to grow on the inside, you have to water it on the outside.

Helen Keller faced incredible adversity; however, did not permit it to stop her from sharing happiness with others. Think of her when you let excuses rise from your ego. Follow the law of give and take in all aspects of your life. It really does make a difference...and so do you!

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