Move it or Lose it

Most of us have heard that saying of "move or lose it"; however, until you get a little older or in a situation that halts you, you do not truly understand it. The "move or lose it" philosophy applies not only to the body, but the mind and foundation of emotions as well.

Even if you do not know the anatomical consequences of being physically sedentary, we all have experienced not being as flexible after being couch potatoes.
The body was born to move. The muscles,organs, blood and cells are in constant motion just to keep us alive. The least we can do is make the most of the gift of mobility that our body provides.

The mind is the same. Science has proven that regardless of age, the brain creates new connections as you exercise it. Repetition of old thoughts simply deepens old grooves. Feed it something new and refreshing to ponder and understand. It is kind of like trying something new to eat. At first, you may not be sure because it is so different; however, if it pleases the palate, you cannot get enough of it. The brain loves to devour new knowledge. Feed it good information, learn, and grow new neurons! Just like physical exercise, it gets easier to over time. The power knowledge gives you is understanding. To understand something or someone gives you the ability to pause before instinctive reaction. Ponder the power of understanding.

Make it your intention to keep moving at all levels.

Physically, mentally and most importantly, spiritually, keep moving forward. As you keep reaching for higher levels, you make beautiful discoveries that you never dreamed of. All you, me and everyone else has is NOW. To make it your intention to pursue a goal next year might be too late. No one finished a great piece of art quickly. So, do like Confucius said, and 'start the journey with the first step.' Make each step a good one. But, know that even a "bad" step can lead you to a better path. It is all a matter of mindset and practice. Just keep moving and you will learn to truly appreciate and learn from each step of the "thousand mile journey".
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