Resolutions Vs. Intentions

The year is coming to an end and a new one is on the brink of beginning. Changes can be made to progress forward on this journey called life. Historically, one makes resolutions to start the new year. However, the resolve to accomplish the task is typically diminished within a short time.
Think about it. To make a resolution to change something has a negative underlying implication. Negative produces negative. Change is good; therefore, the approach used should be ignited from a positive approach. Quite simply, change one word....

Forget resolutions. Set intentions! You want to lose weight? Instead of resolving to diet, set the intention to eat healthy and exercise. You want to have less stress? Instead of resolving to find a way to be less stressed; set the intention to be calm and at peace. Sometimes simply taking a few conscious inhalations and exhalations will give you what you need. Being stressed about being under stress simply will manifest more stress. Positive attracts positive; negative attracts negative...very simple law of life to remember.

So, with that said...set your intentions from the heart of what really matters to YOU. What is important for you to be happy? Never feel bad about taking care of yourself. Happiness and love starts at home...and "home" starts in your heart. When that is taken care of, then you will be able to share it with others. Another law of life, what grows from the heart, expands without limits. Grow the love.

Set those intentions. Consciously take the baby steps to make it or them happen. Nothing happens overnight. More importantly, never forget it is the journey that is worthwhile...not the destination. Happy New Year...and I mean that from the heart with the best of intentions for ALL.
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