The next evolution

All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree.
Albert Einstein

Some of us have actually met each other in person; however, the majority of us have simply shared our energies in the cyber space of the internet. My passion is yoga…not just the physical aspect of it, but the true purpose of it…to unite. We are aware of the negativity that is exacerbated by the media, governments and certain groups. We are aware of the conflicts between countries. We are aware of the endless adversities that so many people face, either as a group or as individuals. And, I believe we are collectively growing weary of the increased intensity of violence and quest for control.

It is and has been time to collectively evolve to the next level. It is time to evolve our higher consciousness. Physically, we have evolved; mentally, we have evolved. Emotionally, we have evolved. Each trait has its benefits, but without the power of the fourth…they will remain imbalanced. The fourth link of evolution is to rise above the Ego.

Collectively as a human race, with the power of kindness, we are stronger than any nation or government. Anger, fear, and lack of good intention feed the proverbial fire that can burn out of control if not doused. Apathy, distortion of truth, and greed are like the strong winds that make the flames expand.
Love, kindness and peace in one’s heart are the sources of water to put out this fire around us. It is simple, but it takes US as a collective group on this planet we share to make it happen. Set the ego aside for a moment and see outside the box you live in right now.

We all may be different in race, religion, status, etc; however, just like Einstein said…we are branches of the same tree. We share this planet. We do not own it. We are here to evolve while here….as One.

How to start the evolution? Simply consciously practice the first law of life: Treat others as you would like to be treated. Simple….think of the Golden Rule as the golden thread that links you to another and beyond.
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